Best Summer Team Building Activities

In the Summer the air-conditioning wars divide even the most affectionate colleagues. Holidays seem still far away but the work deadlines are, on the contrary, incredibly close… What to do? It’s easy: choose one of our Best Summer Team Building Activities and boost team spirit!

We like overcoming such paradoxes and stimulating fresh ideas with some action and a heavy amount of fun, especially in Summer. No other season suits so well to open-air activities. Our suggestions are multiple: you could explore the wonders of Dubai guided by an iPad or take an adventure in the Swiss Alps like a survival expert! You actually could just build the most fanciful carton boat ever together with your team (making it resistant would be useful too, as you might need to test it in the swimming pool!) and treat yourselves with a refreshing customized cocktail enjoying each other’s company.

Have a mesmerizing summer with us!

Several researches have proven that time spent in the fresh air and sunshine can increase productivity and well being. Make the most of summertime and invite your team to enjoy some sunshine while growing professionally thanks to TeamWorking’s outdoor and indoor team building activities.

For best results, we recommend to choose more than one team building format, in order to combine indoor and outdoor activities. A diversified context, in fact, guarantees that your team will enjoy the most benefits, as in this way every person will be able to try more activities and have a better chance to excel during different times throughout an event.

Take a look at our top 10 of Best Summer Team Building Activities and choose your favorite one!

New entries for Summer 2017

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In our experience, this is the greatest activity for a summer night! Always wandered if blueberries match with dragon fruit? Experiment, try unparalleled combinations with your teammates and create your very own cocktail. Just do not forget to give it a yummy name!

Learn new skills from some of the world’s leading bartenders, get involved in entertaining interactive cocktail games and, last but not least, simply enjoy a playful time with the ones always supporting you during long working hours.

Fun and effective – something that scavenger hunt and treasure hunt have proven to be! Given a time frame, a mission, tools, clues and a playing field, your team will communicate and unite by following a common strategy.

Feel the atmosphere of the cities, discover the most interesting parts, get acquainted in the same time with food and culture with this team building in Italy and Europe. Routes to follow, places to find, questions to answer, pictures to take – but above all an enjoyable afternoon, that adds much more value to the typical “city tour” by creating create relations, boosting creativity and team spirit!

The accountant in your department surely knows how to keep your invoices in order, but probably forgot the Archimedes’ principle. Remind him by taking your team to the beach and try to build within certain time and with limited resources a boat… a carton boat! The fun is to build, create, decorate and in some cases… even to to swim together!

This is our most exhilarating of our Best Summer Team Building Activities, that you’ll never forget.

Italians are undiscussed masters when it comes to fashion and design. Make the secret dream of your sales manager come true by engaging him/her in developing the most fanciful car. Collect all the necessary materials (possibly recycled ones), plan the work step by step and bring the project to life.

Ultimately test your product by driving your very special Crazy Car on the Crazy Car Track we prepared for you!

Your teammates will stretch their minds and their bodies (don’t worry, only slightly) with this experience! This activity brings out the sense of funwitcraftinesscompetitive drive and hilarity of even the most reserved of workmates. You will be surprised by how agreeable the company of your grumpiest colleague may be after a full batch of summer sunshine, vitamin D and movement – and these are only the first three benefits of Outdoor activities.

The peers of yours who are basicaly grown up scouts will perform outstandingly in this game, the others will catch up with one of the most entertaining childhood adventures. The Orienteering is a time trial in which competing teams explore the nature. Equipped with maps and sometimes compasses, the participants must reach the finish line in the shortest time possible, passing through the series of control points that have to be followed in a specified order.

The clue of the game is to find the best path to follow… and win the race.

Take the challenge of this unique format, you won’t regret it!

Our  Survival simulations are designed to teach teams how to improve their problem solving skills by developing an interpersonal (people) and rational (task) approachs, along with behaviors that lead to successful teamwork.

A LipDub is an original music video created on the notes of a famous song, usually the most recent summer hit. In this musical team building activity we will be ourselves screenwriters, directors and choreographers of the video. And we also have to sing to “lip dub” the voice!

This creative and musical activity brings a huge amount of fun. Thus it’s perfect for a corporate celebration of a Family Day. The best part is choosing and creating costumes and disguises. Makeup, colored wigs, original accessories: all of these contribute in making our LipDub the funniest party. Laughter is guaranteed!

This is an incentive activity of enormous charme, suitable for the most ambitious tams!

To bring your team to the sea or the lake for doing a regatta in sailing boats won’t be a cheap activity, of course. But it’s really worth trying! Breeze in the hair, sun, water and adrenaline given by the high speed… only the sailing boat can give such emotions.

In complete safety and with the help of specialized instructors, team members will practice some activities typical of sailing. They will learn to tie special knots, to set sails and even to help a companion fallen in water.

It will be an unforgettable experience!

To turn ourselves for a day in directors and actors? With our Movie Making Team Building it is possible! Here is an Incentive and Team Building activity that suits teams of any dimension, up to very high numbers of participants. It can be done in outdoor spaces, like for example in the city streets (in this case we talk of an Urban Movie Making) or in a beautiful natural environment. But the location can also be in the indoor spaces of a hotel or a resort.

Thanks to the advanced technologies that we use, in the short time of half a day each Team can create by itself a mini short movie. Advertisement for a product, vision of the company’s future or testament of the visit to the city: the themes can be different. What is important is to divide tasks and to perform all the steps of the creative process as a Team!

Did you find the Summer Team Building activity that suits your team?

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