Crazy Car Race: let’s build a mini car!

In our Team Building Crazy Car Race, the first part of the game is to construct a minicar! The team has to propose the design of the car, collect all necessary materials (possibly recycled ones) and to plan work stages. The last step is the Crazy Car test. To perform it we prepare our game participants a special Crazy Car Track!



Creative Part

Besides being able to drive, cars have to be properly decorated. It’s another factor that creates an atmosphere of competition, challenge, and fun!


Final Step

If the time and the place make it possible, we organize a real contest. Teams have to choose a pilot that will drive a vehicle to its maximum potential, trying to win the race!

crazy car race


Benefits of Crazy Car Race team building

  • to create camaraderie
  • generate enthusiasm
  • stir creativity
  • celebrate successes
  • improve processes
  • reinforce management goals


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