Being friends with your coworkers improves the office dynamics

Having a good relationship with your co-workers is not always easy and it requires work, apart for the one that they are paying you to do, but is equally important, if not more. Why? Because it has been proven that a good work environment can help you with your work. You’ll become more efficient and more motivate to do it: everyday you will have the constant stimulant to see and work with those around you.


Working in a nice environment could improve creativity, the development of ideas and will make mistakes easy to solve because of the constant support you will get.


Yes, it’s all very nice and positive, but how do you make all of your co-workers like you?


It won’t be an easy task because you are working with people that have different personalities, values, culture and religious traditions, so how do you get them to get along? The human being is a social animal, it has the need to communicate and share with others similar, someone to whom have things in common. Making friends with a similar is easy, but how to make the differences work in your advantage can take some time, but is worth it believe us.


So let’s start.




First of all, don’t try too hard, you are not going to make any friends if you are pushy, take it easy and be casual. Try to find out what your co-workers like and try to introduce yourself in the conversation naturally, ask questions and show interest, careful though, you don’t want to seem fake. Invite them to one of your regular places so you can feel confortable and they can see you at your best. Finally, people like to feel needed, so even if you don’t need it, try asking for a personal or a professional advice, this will make the bonds strengthen.


After this few tips, we guaranty you that the work place will be more amicable and not only will the team start working better, you will feel more encourage in your profession and this will make you become more competitive with yourself.

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