Bologna: the city of cooking with an exceptional tourist

David Lynch - Bologna's Photographic Exhibition "Mast"

David Lynch is about to arrive in Italy, at the Bologna’s photographic exhibition “Mast” which is taking place at the end of September. The event promises to be outstanding: 124 photos in black and white shot between 1980 and 2000 of some of the most  important industrial areas around the globe, like the Berlin’s or the New York’s suburbs. Added to the photographic showcase there will be a sound installation and first short films collation of the director of “Twin Peaks” and “Blue Velvet”, all in the middle of the city of the world’s first university: the city of Bologna.



A walk in the Middle Age                                                      


Roman colony since 189 BC, Bologna reaches the pinnacle of its splendor during Middle Age, when it becomes a powerful “Comune” (rich and powerful medieval town in Northern Italy) belonging to the party of Guelphs (those who supported the pope in the fight between the papacy and the empire). The reason for such a political and economic development lies in its geographical position, astride of a series of water channels that allowed  the passage of a great deal of goods, like the Navile Channelthe Channel of Reno and the Channel of Savena, just to nameThe Towers of Bologna a few. The water supply complex also provided a great deal of water energy, something which in turn allowed the development of a thriving textile industry. In 1507 Bologna became part of the Papal state, to remain substantially as such, albeit with ups and downs, until the advent of the Italian Unification in 1860.  The history of the city sees some enviable records, like the already mentioned university, the first ever founded in all the world, and the first law against slavery, the so called “Law of the Paradise” in 1256, with which serfdom was actually abolished and ransomed by using public money.

There are many monuments which testify this extraordinary tradition, some of them standing out as real icons. Let’s remember, for example, Piazza Maggiore, heart of the city from which unfolds a network of unique arcaded roads unlike anything in the world. Among the edifices in the square there is the San Petronio’s Cathedral, dedicated to the patron of the city. Its construction began in 1390 and it had to be the biggest cathedral in all Christendom, even though its construction was never substantially completed. There is then the Palazzo D’Accurdio, seat of the city government since the Middle Age, and the Two Towers, strategically placed at the entrance of the city as icon of its numerous other towers. (Bologna, in fact, was known as “La Turrita”, the city of the many towers).

An exceptional stage then, where we often invite teams to challenge each other with our formats Treasure Hunt and Urban Game: divided in teams and equipped with maps and compasses, the participants have to reach the finish line and solve the mystery in the shortest time possible. During our last Urban Game session in Bologna we began from some symbolic landmarks, like the already above-quoted Piazza Maggiore and the Two Towers, in an experience that can be immortalized with our Movie Making Team Building: with extremely reduced costs and times we can create our own personal movie in the arcaded streets of the city!!!
Bologna outside Bolognai Colli Bolognesi


But Bologna also offers an extraordinary natural landscape, made of parks, woods and grasslands. Of particular interest are the “Hills of Bologna”: a short distance from the city center and ideal for trips with break in trattoria,  where we can savor the local good wines. These are one of our favorite destinations for experiential activities and outdoor training, as our formats Orienteering and Survival Team Building: the participants have to find their way through the Hills of Bologna, immersed in grasslands, fields and vineyards. There is no lovelier and more delicious location!!!!

The Genius of the Bologna’s Cuisine


Bologna is also known for its culinary tradition, mother of some of the gastronomic specialties that are unmatched in the world. How can we possibly forget the “Lasagne Verdi alla Bolognese”? or the “Bolognese sauce”? what can we say about the “Tagliatelle”, also cooked with meat sauce, and about the “Tortellini in soup”, stuffed with Mortadella of Bologna?? Only the name these dishes make us drool!!! Do youCooking Team Building Bologna want to impress your guests by preparing one of delicacies of the Italian gastronomy?? Know their secrets and use them for special occasions? Our format Cooking Team Building will lead us in this extraordinary voyage: guided by expert chefs, the participants will have to prepare tortellini and lasagna according to their taste and their skills. There is not a more thrilling format to motivate your staff!!


Bologna, the congress hall


 To conclude let’s remember that Bologna hosts some of the most beautiful and well-equipped congress halls in Italy. We can go to the Nuovo Polo Congressuale, which will surprise us for its modern and elegant atmosphere, or the Theatre “Arena del Sole”, located in the central via Indipendenza and equipped with the most modern equipments, suitable to host events with few or many spectators. These are just few of the sites which, along with the fair,   are all  well-connected and near the station or the city airport. With our experience of Destination Management Company, we will be able to guide you in every step of your event organization, certain to give you an experience you will never forget!!Theatre Arena del Sole of Bologna

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