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Culture and Work during Coronavirus

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In this period of isolation because of the Coronavirus, the world of culture and entertainment rebels in its way to the rules imposed by emergency measures. Indeed, it’s moving on the virtual world, the network. All over the planet, singers organize live concerts streamed on the most popular social networks, while the museums that must remain closed “open” to the world. In fact, many museums took the initiative to show – and tell, with virtual guided tours – the treasures that remained closed in isolation inside their empty rooms.
Coronavirus forced us to stop but, at the same time, it gave us the opportunity to have more time to learn new things, about life, culture and work.

Museums and virtual visits

This quarantine period is allowing many people to discover the use of online platforms to stay in touch with the art and culture that enrich their countries.

hermitage museum visit onlineIn fact, there are many national and international museum to “visit”, virtually for now, to fill the long hours of isolation that await us. There is no lack of initiatives, and not even of curiosity, from users all around. There are several museums that are totally subverting their exhibition program and the calendar of events and initiatives. For example, we know that in Italy, through the use of the major social networks, the museum guides will accompany visitors until the reopening with content designed specifically to deal with the emergency.

We at Teamworking too, to make the most of this period, and also to escape the boredom and anxiety of always and constantly staying at home, have tried to travel virtually to meet culture face to face. We went to Florence to see the Uffizi Gallery, to Rome to the Vatican Museums and we even flew to Russia, St. Petersburg, to visit the rooms of the Hermitage together with the guide Olga Makho streaming live on Youtube.

Art and Team Building, what did we learn?

inferno dan brown florenceIn addition to personal enrichment, we have found many ideas for our Team Building activities! We are already planning our next Treasure Hunt in Florence for 2021, the 700th anniversary of the death of the Italian poet, Dante. We already have several urban team building activities related to Dante in Florence and also in Milan, but for the occasion we will design something completely different. We’ll take advantage of the new news learned during the virtual visit of the Uffizi gallery, the numerous Dante tombstones present in Florence and, why not, the reopening of the Vasari corridor, which we can’t wait to see and to show you! Moreover, we also drew inspiration from the methodologies we saw applied in these guided tours.

How will we use them?

We will try to enrich our Urban Game iPad and also the indoor iPad Treasure Hunt with new elements of virtual and augmented reality. We want to improve the virtual reality already present in our Urban Games, especially the ones that take place indoor. Thanks to these initiatives, in fact, we have discovered many interesting things that we will then make our customers experience become more and more appealing in the future. Even in Team Building activities, in fact, there is no lack of experiences related to art, culture and innovation.

Working and training

Not only museums and singers have made themselves available to enter our lives through a screen. Several professors and researchers have also made their online courses accessible for free. In fact, many initiatives have been launched these days, with individual professionals, companies and groups offering free courses, webinars and conferences until the end of the emergency. From language courses to multimedia marketing courses, all this has been made to give people the opportunity to use their free time in a productive way. In short, this Coronavirus pandemic may have caught us unprepared at first, but we’ve been good at joining and finding a way to overcome the most difficult moments together!

There was no shortage of quick tips and methodologies to deal with smart working. And also, information on coaching, communication and well-being to better face and go through this moment of crisis. We too, in our own way, have tried to provide a “toolbox” during this period of work reorganization with our latest article about the smart working tips. Last but not least, forced quarantine can also represent a way to put our professional sphere in order, perhaps through an in-depth analysis on LinkedIn or by focusing on rewriting our Curriculum Vitae.

Thinking about future

Maybe we should start thinking with a management mentality. No more miraculous mentality, no more waiting for the solution to come from above. We will get back together and we’ll be stronger than before. Now more than ever we need each other’s support to face this period. When all this ends, we will be able to see our friends and colleagues again, we will be able to start living everyday life again and that will be the best moment. It will be the moment when we’ll want to live and share everything we have lost in these months. In the meantime, however, let’s remember not to waste our time because, even if we have to spend it at home, it remains precious. We take on the management mentality: we get informed, read, cultivate our hobbies and use all the means at our disposal to share culture.

We’ll start by sharing with you 10 international museums to visit while staying at home: virtual tours and online collections.

1. Vatican Museums – Rome

vatican museums online visit2. Uffizi Gallery – Florence

3. Pinacoteca di Brera – Milan

4. Archeological Museum – Athens

5. Prado – Madrid

6. Louvre – Paris

7. British Museum – London

8. Metropolitan Museum – New York

9. Hermitage – St. Petersburg

10. National Gallery of Art – Washington

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