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Serbia is a perfect country for whoever wishes to experience a new culture, discovering different traditions and – why not – maybe learning a new language. In that metter, Team Working has listed Serbia as its new country for organising incentive events.

Visiting Serbia and its capital, Belgrade, could be a very different travel experience because we’re not talking about the usual European country. Serbia is a country rich in natural and artistic treasures and the city of Belgrade is one of the most ancient in Europe.

It’s worth it to visit Belgrade once in a lifetime: anyone can tell at a glance that this striking city is the heart of Serbia, encapsulating habits and customs of this peculiar, ancient culture.


Explore Belgrade


Belgrade is a classic and modern city in the same breath that never ceases to amaze visitors from all over the world. Nowadays, after hard times, it’s possible to marveling at its many architectural treasures belonging to a lot of different styles, its artistic and cultural liveliness and to enjoy the local people’s joy of living. As a matter of fact, Serbians use to be very kind and warm with foreign tourists and they’re also very friendly.


With impressive views over the Danube and Sava rivers, the Belgrade Fortress and the Kalemegdan Park together represent a cultural monument of exceptional importance, the area where various sport, cultural and arts events take place, and are fun and joy for all generations of Belgraders and numerous visitors of the city.


Belgrade’s main pedestrian street, Knez Mihailova Street, is alive with trendy shops and cafes. This pedestrian zone is one of the best looking streets in Belgrade with many XIX century buildings and the perfect place to go shopping. For a quieter experience, the special attraction is Skadarlija, the bohemian quarter similar to the Montmartre in Paris, where you can find classic taverns (kafana) serving traditional Serbian dishes as musicians roam from table to table.


During the summer, Ada Ciganlija (an island in the Sava) is an ideal place for sport and recreation. It is home to a several kilometer long café-lined beach around its lake, a large number of sport facilities, as well as a lot of clubs that work through the hot summer nights.


With a large number of sport facilities, thriving café and restaurant culture, a passion for the arts and architecture, and famous nightlife, Belgrade offers great value to sophisticated visitors looking for the next big destination in Europe.


In addition, eating in Belgrade is quite diffrent that in other cities in Europe: local cuisine is fowl and fish based, with many delicious soup. This could be a perfect opportunity to get to know local cusine and food customs, while organising team building event Cooking. With fresh, organic-local ingredients, you could make delicious recepies in one of the venues between two rivers, Sava and Danube. Team Cooking is not or it’s not mainly about cooking. Our main objective is to enjoy time spent together. There is no fierce competition, just a lot of laugher and positive energy. For years food and events created around food has been connecting people! Cooking Team Building is a great prove of this!


Enjoy the Beauty


Tourists here will have at their disposal a wide range of cultural main sights, such museums, theatres, old palaces, basilicas, churches and much more. Just to mention some of the most important attractions in Belgrade, there are the National Museum, the National Library, Belgrade Fortress, the Museum of Applied Art, Nikola Tesla Museum and Republic Square, but also the Skadarlija, the street of the Serbian bohemians (even French, English and Americans) located in a quarter characterized by narrow streets and renamed “the Montmartre of Belgrade” because of its bohemian and lively atmosphere.



Not only nightouts!


Famous for its nightlife, caffee’s  full of people, and “splavovi“, clubs on water , where you could have one of the best night, dancing on the table, with amazing music and people around you, all while enjoying traditional drink called “rakia“.


But thats not all. Belgrade with its surrounding can be a perfect place as well for organising Action team Building. As a country of sporting challenges and a place where you can put your trust in your own strengh, Team Building has a special Action team events for you and your team. Survival,  Rafting and Orienteering designed for those that want to live an adventure. Participants find themselves in unusual circumstances dealing with a series of (sometimes) difficult situations. Some of them have to cooperate in order to find a presumed killer or construct a boat. Others, for instance, have to face orienteering or fire making challenge. First of all, the proposed formats are a great way to spend time together, create and strengthen rapport between colleagues. Participants have always a set of tasks, that cannot be resolved without cooperation, roles division, great organization or leadership.


Experiance the Wild!


Taste the true fun and adventure with rafting on Serbia’s most beautiful and wild rivers. With Rafting Team Building you can have unique experiance of Balkans in its most original way. The mountainous region between Serbia, Montenegro and Republika Srbska (in Bosnia and Herzegovina) offers a remarkable opportunity for whitewater rafting. The rivers of this region have carved out great canyons and wild rapids – a perfect scene for rafting and adventure loving travelers. Choose among many rivers in the area such as Drina, Ibar, Lim and Tara. Rafting, that two main ingredients are adventure and amazing scenery, is a proven recipe for successful team experience. Whether your objective is to enhance performance, improve interpersonal and communication skills, boost team spirit or simply reward your employees, there is no other activity like this!


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