Diversity and Inclusion are two fundamental themes related to corporate and workplace culture. Through the years, these aspects became important goals for a strong business strategy.

What do diversity and inclusion really mean? What is the best way to understand this subject?

Diversity is based on different aspects that characterize each individual whether for the physical appearance, ethnicity, color of skin or for the religious, cultural aspect. In fact, diversity reaches few other themes like sexual orientation and personal opinion. On the other hand, Inclusion is the ability of discerning and appreciating diversity.

Based on this integrated approach, the best strategy is giving more value and consideration to diversity, considering them as an opportunity of growth, both as individuals both as a community.

Diversity does not have to be considered as a problem to manage, but a resource for a company to be unique e more competitive in the business.

For this reason many companies invest on team working activities that increasing this consciousness with the aim to create an inclusive culture supporting people to express their own potential, based on their personal experiences and traditions, regardless of genre, color of skin, sexual orientation, religion and ideas.

In this scenario  the training is essential !



The activities promoted by Teamworking aim to communicate this consciousness, based on collaboration and interaction between individuals. We manage our resources and qualities with an integrated approach to create an inclusive experience to transcend barriers of diversity.

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Teamworking considers the social commitment an important opportunity to create inclusion and increase cooperation, in fact our trainers collaborate with no profit organization to promote  Social Team Building activities in support of solidarity and equality.

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