How does the ordinary becomes EXTRAordinary?


Extraordinary is a compose word, is two words that put together become something else than ordinary, beyond ordinary…


One person can surely achieve great results, but an organised group of people, with hard work and persistence, can achieve greatness. The route to that something extraordinary starts with an idea and someone who engines it…soon after people start to join in and put in their contribution…until it finally develops into a goosebumps experience.


In the next video you will see something truly amazing, but don’t worry, it won’t end once the video finishes; we have a proposition for you.





Flash mobs come in every colour and in a range variety of participants. Team building is a concept that was born to reinforce group ideas, cooperation and organization, which is exactly how a flash mob is form.


It doesn’t matter if you want it as a day experience or if you want the memory to last in a picture for decades to come, flash mob can be perform using as little as possible or as much and elaborate as you wish.




Do you want to dance? Would you like to sing and do a crazy interpretation with your co-workers? Or maybe after a two/three day conference you would like to do a human-logo of your company. Whatever your wishes are, a flash mob might be an extraordinary idea for your co-workers, friends, or everyone.

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