Finger Food Team Cooking

Create a delicious dish and enhance Team spirit!


Finger Food

Finger Food Team Cooking, indoor team building activity by TeamWorking


For years food and food-related events have been creating relationships between participants. Based on this principle we developed our Team Building format.


Finger Food Team Cooking is the tool which allows participants to know each other enjoying their time together. What is the best definition to describe our culinary game? An afternoon or an evening full of happiness, positive energy, good competition:  these are the elements that create team spirit.


How do you prepare it?

Set down your own menu! With a scheme to be followed under the supervision of one or more professional chef. The team will be engaged in a healthy competition to delight each other with their “finger” masterpieces!

Decorate it with candles, special materials and lots of imagination and creativity. Your team will also compete for the presentation of the dishes that were prepared.

Your Team will be provided with all the tools and ingredients needed, teams compete in the preparation of delicious dishes. With support of our chefs, maitres chocolatier and barmen, cooking becomes an exciting experience. We have other formats as well: pasta, sushi, choco making, cake design, cocktail challenge are just some example of the activities that are waiting for you!


Team Cooking DHL from Team Working on Vimeo.


Finger Food Team Cooking for everyone!


Loved by the food experts, so much appreciated by who usually is far away from the kitchen, Finger Food Team Cooking is the new and unusual way to know each other and build or strenghten relationaships with colleagues or partners.  It is the ideal tool to celebrate company success or to prize employees.


Main advantages of Finger Food Team Cooking:


• development of communication skills;

• increase in working efficiency;

• capacity to work under stress;

• more confidence in personal and professional relationships;

• creativity development


Finger Food Team Building is a fun and unforgettable event! Try it with us.

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