Garda Lake: the Vacation Paradise

hotel_locanda_san_vigilio_sImagine a lake made of crystal water which stretches for miles. Imagine it surrounded by valleys and mountains in a breathtaking scenery. Imagine numerous castles and medieval villages around the basin, details that do nothing but add more charm and beauty to our painting. It should not be a surprise if this lake becomes the vacation paradise in Europe, capable of attracting every year millions of tourists from all over the globe. We are not talking about a place from the Lord of the Rings, but about the next incentive destination in the vicinity of Milan for the Expo 2015: the Garda Lake.

The lake is positioned as a hinge between the Italian regions of Lombardia, Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige, and with its 370 km² of extension it turns out to be the largest water basin in Italy. With its numerous landscapes and attractions, the lake suits well to the taste of many types of tourists, from the Sport and Nature lovers to the families and couples who love luxury and relax.


Much more than a simple lake


cstello_malc_webAround the lake we find many interesting locations. There is the Castello Scagliero di Malcenise, built by the Lombards between the end of the sixth and the beginning of the seventh century AC. Situated on a cliff overlooking the lake, the castle offers an interesting prospective of the water mirror. Then, there is the location known as Campo, an ancient medieval hamlet almost completely abandoned. At 200 meters above the lake, Campo can be reached walking on the old mule track, once used for    transhumance, itself protected as monument. We also remember the Grotta Tanella on the slopes of Monte Baldo, with its tunnels reaching the heart of the mountain, where we find suggestive atmospheres of stalactites and stalagmites created by water. It would be fantastic exploring together the beauty of the lake with our format Treasure Hunt: divided in teams, the participants have to find the hidden treasure in the shortest time possible. Motivating your staff through beauty, history and culture!!!


A unique lake for a unique Nature!!!!!!


Orto Botanico del Monte BaldoThe geographical isolation and the temperate climate have allowed the ecosystem of Garda to develop special fauna and flora. Famous is the ecosystem around Monte Baldo, a real paradise for botanists known throughout the world as “Hortus Europea”, the garden of Europe. We want to see the Peona Officinalis, the Primula Spectabilis and the other flower species typical of the place? Let’s do it together with our format Orienteering: equipped with map and compass, the participants have to reach the finish line following a series of check points previously chosen. What better way to do team building and motivate your staff?!


The Lake of Tastes!!!


Birra CastaneaIn the region of Garda could not miss an extraordinary gastronomical culture, made of wines, oils and other typical products of the mountain. Numerous are the fairs in honor of these delicacies, like the fair of the Bardolino DOC, a typical local wine, or of the Marrone di San Zeno di Montagna. Specialties of the place are the Birra Castanea, a beer made with chestnuts, or the extraordinary Extra Virgin Olive Oil, suitable for any kind of diet. Do you want to prepare some dish using these delicacies but don’t know the recipe? Let’s learn it together with one of the formats from our series Cooking Team Building: the incentive experience enriched with the tastes and flavors of one of the best Italian cuisines. What do you say to do all this while enjoying the lake from an interesting point of view? For example, at the center of the lake itself, during a boat tour with our Sailing Team Building. Or on the balcony of one of the restaurants overlooking the lake, while preparing a delicious drink with our Cocktail Team Building.


Then, contact us and let’s organize a great adventure together, whose limits are only in our imagination!!!!!!!

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