Genoa: the Republic of the Magnificent

Genoa: the Republic of the Magnificent

Genova Faro 2Genoa: the Republic of the Magnificent is the center of incentive destinations along the Ligurian Coast. Full of charm and culture, the city has been defined in many ways, like the Superbthe Door of Europethe Dominant and the Republic of the Magnificent. Its history is the result of a mix of cultures which unfolds over more than a thousand years, whose presence is evident in the intricate urban structure of numerous roads and streets. In Genoa the tourist has two options: to get lost among the intricate and enchanting alleys or to remain entranced by its heart breaking panorama, where the slate roofs underline the background of the blue colour of the sea. The city that gave birth to Christopher Columbus, Giuseppe Mazzini and Goffredo Mameli stands out for its maritime tradition, with its ports (the most important in Italy) and its magnificent palaces declared World Heritage Sites (The Palazzi Rolli).


One of the four Italian Maritime Republics

The beauty of Genoa has its roots in history, particularly in the Middle Age, when the city was one of the four Italian maritime republics (together with Amalfi, Venice and Pisa). For eight centuries the Door of Europe has imposed its dominion thanks to the massive fleet, asserting herself as mercantile and military power in the whole Mediterranean area. With colonies in Iraq, in the Canary Islands, In Genova Palazzo San GiorgioEngland and in Palestine, the Colonial Empire of Genoa effectively controlled all the Western Mediterranean and the Black Sea (known as the “Genoese Lake”). This glorious history continued until 1805, when the Dominant undergone the long shock wave of the French Revolution and was annexed in the Napoleonic Empire. Its end was formally sanctioned in 1815, when the great European powers, debtors of the Banco di San Giorgio (important Genovese bank), decided the Republic suppression with its annexation to the Kingdom of Sardinia.

Many are the sites as testimony to this glorious past: let’s try to see the most significant. In the historical center we encounter a labyrinth of carrughi, the classical little alleys of the ligurian sailor villages, in an intricate network of architectonic styles and extraordinary monuments. Among these let’s remember the Cathedral of Saint Lawrence, with the ashes of Saint John the Baptist, patron of the city, brought from the Holy Land at the times of the First Crusade. Then we find the Ducal Palace, that is the residence of the Doge, and the Ancient Port, with the characteristic lighthouse symbol of the entire city called “The Lantern”. The best way to visit this mix of history is with an outdoor activity such as our Urban Game: the incentive moment turned in a journey through time!


Genoa outside Genoa

The charm of Genoa does not limit itself to the historical center. Outside the city it is possible to admire the natural beauty with a fantastic excursion in the Parco Urbano delle Mura e dei Forti (Urban Park of the Walls and Forts). Immersed in nature, we come across a series of nineteenth century fortifications, ancient walls and splendid villas. We find ourselves in the area of the walls that protected Genoa from east to west, with the longest part, a more than twenty kilometer stretch, built in the sixteenth century. The center of the excursion is an ancient path running along the walls themselves, which takes us to Fort Sperone and Fort Ruin proceeding along the stretch called “Path of the Butterflies”. And all Genova Murathis against the background of an incredible hilly landscape, with a fascinating detail: the ancient Genovese Aqueduct, no longer functioning and used as spectacular footpath to the center of the city. Tantalizing, don’t you think? What do you say to take a walk together with our format Orienteering? To get to destination we can use the aqueduct and enjoy of a breathtaking vista!

Let’s not forget that Genoa is the ideal spot to organize boat excursions along the ligurian coast, and we can organize ours with Sailing Team Building: the little villages, the abbeys and the castles admired from off the coast!


Heart of the Ligurian Cuisine

Genoa is also known as “the City of the drinks”. In other words, drinks here are simply a “Must”. Not to be missed is the “Gotto”, white wine accompanied by the Focaccia Genovese, and the “Baxeichito”, aperitif made with basil. What do you say to prepare our drink with Cocktail Challenge? In a luxurious restaurant overlooking the port? Tempting perspective.

The gastronomic culture, instead, is typical of the ligurian region, with simple cuisine rich in oilvegetable and aromatic herbs. Among the many specialties, here are some typical dishes: the Ravioli and the Pansotti ( stuffed with chard, eggs and ricotta), the Torta Pasqualina (Pasqualina Cake), with puff pastry staffed with cooked chards or artichokes, zucchini, spring herbs, eggs and cheese), and the Stoccafisso Genovese (Genoese Stockfish) with its numerous variants. Let’s discover together these delicacies with our Cooking Team Building: the guide of an expert cook will be the cue for our culinary  inspiration.

The dish is tasty and anxiously waiting: contact us and let’s organize another extraordinary incentive adventure.

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