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In the XXI century Google is one of the biggest companies in the world (if not the biggest) and it revolutionises not only in the field of technology, but especially in the approach they take towards human resources. The American point of view of business is to take care of the people, because they will determine the way your company will go. Sometimes these American tycoons might seem more concerned with business, but the reality is that none of them would’ve arrived to be important if they haven’t put close attention to the people that works for them.


Success cannot come from one person, is a synonym of team work.


Google is not one to keep its secrets to itself and the vice-president of human resources, Laszlo Bock, has resumed into 5 things what they expect from their employees. He explains how the cognitive abilities of an individual will determine the capacity they will have to comprehend abstract information and decipher it or turn it into innovative solved problems that an expert wouldn’t have arrived. To that point he adds that Google does not search for the most experience individuals or the highest G.P.As, because they believe they are not the most competent individuals: emergent leadership to take control in difficult situations, intellectual humility and responsibility are key points, because they will make an individual take responsibility for his/her right and wrong doings and will also recognise when other ideas are more valid than his/hers.

Bock takes on human resources invites us to reflect on how we carry out what we have been cultivating for the past ten years. The truth is we have built our team with individuals that create in every opportunity they have and not only that, they have learnt to work together in symbiosis. It hasn’t been easy because we have had to put together an atmosphere of respect and trust, things that don’t come naturally in human nature.


Working every day in the office is not enough in most times and that’s why team building has been having so much success, because it helps establish a confidence and complicity in an easy and fun way.


We are not promoting team building because is innovative, but because we firmly believe in it, time and time again we have seen the results in every participants and in ourselves.

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