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Why Team Building


Bring everyone together over a task that makes a real difference!


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You have a great company and fantastic staff, but it is a tough climate out there at the moment and many employees are looking for new challenges to keep them interested and motivated. So, what should you be doing to retain your top talent and get everyone working as a cohesive team? How can you make sure everyone stays motivated, interested and productive?

If one of your ideas is team building or corporate retreats, Team Working has a fun and unique solution for you!


Types of Team Building


Traditional team building involves some fun and abstract classroom exercises and/or some games to engage and inspire those involved. Perhaps there is even a scary ‘walking along a high wire’ trust element. These things can be fantastic to get everyone fired up, thinking and forging deeper connections with colleagues, but how long does that impact last?

Team Working has a more unique and far more memorable solution. We will get your team involved in a creative and action driven projects that creates positive social and team-environmental change.

We offer real activities that make a real difference to peoples lives and provide your employees with real satisfaction. Once they leave the destination they can look back on their time with a sense of fulfilment.

Of course, if you also want to add a spot of tandem  music, movie making or singing and a crazy car race competition, we can also arrange for that.


How does it work


Well there are many different ways of creating a fresh new team building trip for your company and it will all depend on what you, your company and the team want to achieve.

  • Perhaps you have a great sales team that has earned a break, but you also want them to learn and grow.
  • Perhaps you have a few marketing people that are uninspired and would benefit from an inspiring new perspective.
  • Perhaps the management team has skirted the economic turmoil, but is now lackluster and fatigued.

For each of these cases and many others we will create a unique solution!


So, if you have a team that could do with some bonding, encouragement, reenergizing or just some inspiration, please contact us. We will provide you with a customized solution that will serve to inspire your team for the future.


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