“HELL’S” Team


A Culinary Extravaganza that Challenges Teams to Win Loyal Customers!




What’s cooking in Hel’s kitchen?!


All the thrills of a ‘Hell’s Kitchen’!


Teams are transformed into “brigades” of Chefs competing to create the greatest culinary masterpieces to Michelin standards from the mystery ingredients!

Our experienced Chefs demonstrate core skills followed by a hands on practice with teams creating their “Mis en Place‘” ready for the competition to begin.

The mystery ingredients are then unveiled and teams race to create their own mouth watering menus ready for the restaurant’s grand opening and judging by the critics!

After opening ceremonies, Teams compete in the first of many Culinary Challenges to earn the right to source supplies from the General Store. Teams begin creating their Product in their very own Kitchen (everything provided by TeamWorking). As Teams build their product, they begin to develop their Brand/Theme. Once they’ve branded their Product, the whole Team is involved in marketing their creations from their uniquely designed Display Stand in an effort to Win Loyal Customers. After Tasting/Voting, the event concludes with an Awards Ceremony.


The Event Format


The group will be split up into even teams. A professional chef will give an introduction to kitchen skills and provide advice and support throughout. Teams will provide different courses and serve their creations to other teams who will judge them. Table decoration, menu creation and other aspects of running a busy restaurant can be included in longer experiences.

One of the benefits of this particular event is that the participants will have different levels of experience in cooking. We make sure that this is distributed fairly in the teams and as more competent cooks teach and help their colleagues the team bonding becomes really exceptional.


An action packed event


An action packed event involving everyone whatever their skill in the kitchen are on the high level or not; from beginners to experienced cooks there is plenty to learn as Chef is on hand to share ideas, tips and techniques!


Benefits for your team!


  • Incentive
  • Time management
  • Stress management
  • Cooperation and communication
  • Creativity
  • Leadership
  • Distribution of tasks


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