If it’s impossible, sometimes “NO” it’s possible

Expectations vs. Reality… That’s the dilemma.


How many times have you find yourself with someone that sets impossible tasks? Our solution: communication.


Communication is the commanding rule in an office where everyone has different personalities, ideas and backgrounds. How do you get your point across without being rude?



How can you transform an “It’s impossible” to “Yes I can”? It seems simple, but the reality is that good and effective communication is one of the most difficult tasks in an office, because it requires patience and, most of all, understanding the other.


Another important aspect of communication is motivation and what we mean by that is not saying, “you’re the expert” (like said on our parody), but listening and encouraging every idea, even the craziest one.


Team building helps group dynamics by having a good time outside of the office, but its principle aspect is that it allows individuals to achieve a single objective. In the end the groups will realise that a difficult task that seems impossible, could become achievable by putting the ideas together.


So the next time the boss wants the impossible, just say: Let’s team build it!

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