Improved communication?

More like miscommunication…

email in real life

There’s a way to communicate and in the office the mail is always an effective and useful tool, but sometimes it can get repetitive, inconclusive, confusing and some are just redundant -like your mom sending you every “cute” little thing, people asking for money, medicinal ways to improve your […] and, of course, the triple X mails. Email is useful to plan and confirm meetings, but it is not a away to improve the communications in the office, a place where you have to work in teams and use that face-to-face that technology has made us forget.


How many times have you found yourself not knowing the person you have been emailing all day? Team Building is the most effective way to learn how to socialise, in its infinite varieties of team building activities, gives you an opportunity to know your employees and coolaborate with the cooworkers, but most of all, it’s a way to solve problems creatively.

If we still haven’t convince you, you must check out our Outdoor activities, a ludic modality that will allow you to connect with your teamworkers in an nature scenery that you will adore. Are you an indoor lover but you still want the chance to improve the communication in the office? Try the Corporate Theatre activity, an experience that indulges the participant into a dramatic scene where they can feel actors for a while and have fun!

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