Incentive travel continues to enjoy higher ROI than cash rewards

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What is the return?


According to a Wirthlin worldwide survey, 18% of those who received a cash reward do not remember what they spent it on, showing the importance of a memorable reward.  48% of travellers agree*, wanting a trip with substance and meaningful experiences, immersing themselves in the culture of their destination.

And in terms of investment, a separate study by the US Travel Association found that companies using incentive travel generally enjoy an ROI of 4:1, for every $1 invested in incentive travel it signified a $4 return on revenue.

Whilst North America, the Caribbean and Europe remain the top destinations for group incentive travel, emerging destinations such as China, Bali and Vietnam are becoming increasingly popular.  They offer authentic experiences, cultural traditions and recently improved hotels and travel infrastructure.


Incentives for Sales & Recognition Programmes


What gets measured gets done’ is the management mantra. Rewards lead to repetition. Incentives are highly effective in creating short and medium term motivation.

Working with you to design the right incentive programme for your organisation, Team Working will also keep detailed sales and performance measurements highlighting the success of each motivation programme and suggest further improvements.


Measurement, Results and Behavioural Change


Sales incentives are surprisingly effective at meeting specific targeted drives, increasing sales and driving staff performance. Each programme is tailored to your business and features appropriate, superb incentives for top sales or performance: driving your business to greatness.


Bringing out the best


10 years of experience in Team Building activities organization for small, medium size and worldwide businesses and global approach (we operate on many international markets Italy, Switzerland, Dubai, Ahu Dhabi, Spain, Czech Republic, Monte Carlo, Poland that is how we can briefly describe what we do!


We arrange:


    • Cooking Team Building (choco making, cake design, pasta & pizza cooking, sushi cooking, wine alchemist, cocktail challenge, wine harvest),
    • Action Team Building (soft air, team sailing, orienteering, survival),
    • Urban Game Activities (treasure hunt Rome, Milan, Florence, Naples, Venice, Barcelona, Istanbul, Dubai, Prague etc, also “iPad Treasure Hunt” ),
    • iPad Urban Game,
    • Creative Team Building (team painting, sculpture team building, carton boat, engineering team building, lego, crosswords etc).

Contact us, using the following FORM. We will help you to choose that activity that suits most your needs and requirements.


 *American Express Spending & Saving Tracker 2012

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