The Cinque Terre: pristine pearls

le 5 terreWith today appointment of the incentive destinations in the vicinity of Milan we remain in the Ligurian Coast with “Le 5 Terre”, one of the most uncontaminated natural areas of all the Mediterranean. In fact, not only has the zone not been ruined by the industrial development, but has miraculously remained untouched by the wild building speculation of the last decades. Five miles of rocky coast enclosed by two promontories, with five small towns perched on sheer cliffs suspended between sea and land: RiomaggioreCornigliaManarolaVernazza e Monterosso. A landscape of nature and wild scents which deserves the title of World Heritage Site awarded by UNESCO in 1997.


With the marine sanctuaries linked by ancient paths, the castles and fortresses built against the Saracen menace and the churches in the typical Gothic-Ligurian style, Le 5 Terre really  offer very much to the visitor. Here we find the Riomaggiore Castle, built by the marquises Turcotti in the XIII century, and the Bastion of Manarola, the remains of an ancient medieval castle whose ruins are embedded in the masonry of the surrounding houses. Then we find the Church of Saint Peter, with the fourteenth century façade and the Baroque interior, and the Church of Saint John the Baptist, splendid example of the Gothic-Ligurian Style build at the end of the XII and the beginning of the XIV century. Do you want to discover the history of these magnificent monuments having fun together? Let’s do it equipped with map in search of a hidden treasure with our format Treasure Hunt and Urban Game: motivating your staff while learning new mysteries!


An uncontaminated Naturele 5 terre trekking 5 terre bis


The natural landscape surrounding Le 5 Terre is no less great for charm and things to offer. We find numerous tracks, both along the coast and inland, which we can use for our trekking experience. Very popular are the paths linking the sanctuaries, with which we can practice our hike between art and nature. Let’s not forget the tracks leading to the National Park of The Cinque Terre, where we can admire foxes, badgers and wild boars among pine trees, cork oaks and chestnut trees. What do you say to organize our trekking experience with Orienteering Team Building? With compasses and maps the participants have to reach the finish line in the shortest time possible.

Off the coast, instead, we find the Marine Protected Area of The Cinque Terre, with the very rare black coralwhales and dolphins. Let’s give them a closer look with our Sailing Team Building: incentive activity, fun and adventure fused together in one single game!


The cuisine: the legacy of an ancient tradition


The cuisine of Le 5 Terre is the result of a tradition unparallel in the world. We can taste the magnificent local pesto, made with basil, oil and grated cheese, and the pasta, with the troffie and tagliatelle flavored with mushrooms, cabbage and beans. Vegetables like beets, artichokes and zucchini represent another fundamental ingredient, used to prepare the Vegetable Cakeand the Rice Cake with dried mushrooms. In a majestic coastal area such as this couldn’t miss fish in its gastronomic tradition, with some typical dishes like anchovies cutletcuttlefish of5 Terre Cooking zimino, hell octopus and the ubiquitous fish soup. Among the wines let’s remember the dry white table wine and the Schiacchetrà, exquisite dessert wine produced from dried grapes. If you already have your mouth watering it is the case to organize one of the formats from our series Cooking Team Building: having fun together among the tastes and flavors of an ancient culinary tradition.

Contact us: Le 5 Terre is waiting for a for an incredible incentive adventure!

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