Look who’s sailling into Abu Dhabi!!!

Abu Dhabi


Escape the meeting room and head to the emirate’s Abu Dhabi  city, to experience aventorous team building, with two exciting  activities we have prepared for you:  photographical Tresure Hunt or exploaring creativity while buiding your own carbon boat.


Adventure is waiting for YOU!


With a plethora of islands, more than 400 kilometres of pristine coastline, tranquil oases, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, modern cityscapes, rocky, mountain-like heights, and awe-inspiring deserts, Abu Dhabi offers a diversity of visitor experiences. Visitors can tour former palaces, forts, one of the world’s largest mosques, renovated oases, desert camps and experience falconry, camel trekking and Arabia’s famed hospitality.


As one of the emirathe’s leading touristic destination, recently is has become popular destination for organising congress and events. Team Working has choosen Abu Dhabi as one of its destination for organising our new creative formats for team building. Is easily accecible from around a world, there are daily flights to Abu Dhabi with Etihad Airways. Moreover, we can offer you typical Emirath activities where you can meet local culture and tradition, as well  have some adventure in the desert. This can be organised as well as a team-building activities for corporate guests.




Creating a strong Team!


The “Photographical Tresure Hunt activity challenges team to adopt to the changing environment,with number of obstacles. All the neccessary components are provided.Its a light introduction, while devided  into teams , to pass through successive stages of the game that makes them acquainted with historical, artistic and cultural aspects of the city. You create your own Urban “Tour”. At the same time, skills and touches on traditional Emirati life can be met.

Carton Boat Team Building“, on the other hand challenges more creativity and improves spirit of adventure of  team to make the most crazy creations. The aim of the competition is to build within certain time and with limited resources a boat … a carton boat! The fun is to build, create, decorate and in some cases .. swim together!

This is a chance to do something out of the ordinary and outside of participants normal environment. Instead of having trainings conducted in the meeting rooms,  have them on the fresh air with beautiful landsscape around you.


If you want to know more about our format,contact us!

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