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Do you fell like your team needs a push in the right direction?


Perfect! We have the solution…


Great teamwork helps to achieve solutions for the most difficult situations and encourages people to perform more effectively.


If you are looking to build a great team, the foundation lies in selecting the right approach and planning a team building activity that gives results. However, a team building activity should be chosen carefully to deliver benefits to the organisation and team members, otherwise your activity can be a hit or a miss!


TeamWorking is here to help you to find the most beneficial team building activity for your staff, in order to meet your objectives, save costs and avoid pitfalls. Our expert team specialises in planning, implementing and the successfully deliver events to ensure your staff is encouraged, participates and gets the best out of our team building activities whether they are indoor or outdoor.


TeamWorking offers unique Team Building activities, Fun Team Building games and stimulating Leadership Team Building challenges!


Shaken not Stirred



Cocktail Challenge Team Building is a great pre-conference mix and mingle activity. In teams the challenge is to create your own cocktail complete with name and presentation extraordinaire!


Delicious cocktails and amazing flair are a warm up to the main activities. Interactive cocktail games will entangle the participants into mystic creation where they will learn new skills taught by some of the world’s leading bartenders, and above all, they will bond whilst having fun.


This unusual experience will teach you and your teammates the secrets of mixology, the tricks used by the experts and will give a fascinating insight into the history of cocktails.


You think there are no artists in your company? Prepare to be surprise!


Painting Team Building brings out the artist deep inside of you. A great option for a weather-safe all year around activity.

A team art project or individual masterpieces, this is a great team activity for any month of the year. You will be surprised of the unknown talent within the team and after it you might have to find wall space in the office to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

This experience offers a teamwork environment that provides a more socially interactive art experience. The artist will teach one painting to the group and the group will interpret the art together onto large mural canvases. The end results are extraordinary and will reflect the efforts of the team! The murals are yours to keep at the end of the event.


The benefits of a team building activity


    1. helps teams to practice collaboration and communication by disconnecting them from distraction and preconceived notions. This event results in new insights as well as new levels of team commitment. It is so effective we guarantee it and so fun people want to do it again!
    2. TeamWorking is about teams, not art, but often teams create truly powerful art. Creativity is not required or expected (really!) because there is an amazing amount of creativity generated by people standing side by side in this situation. You will appreciate the experience and long lasting results; your team will appreciate the high energy experience.

What else can WE offer YOU



At TeamWorking we’ve learned that there’s a big difference between placing people outside their comfort zones and making fools out of them. TeamWorking is not about making someone do something that terrifies or embarrasses them.


We encourage participants to make their own decisions and not do anything they really don’t want to do. Once you take the pressure off, we’ve found that people are much more likely to take part and often surprise themselves and their managers with what they achieve.


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