Murder Mystery Dinner

Team Building Could be killer!


New format by TeamWorking, Murder Mystery Dinner


If you are having trouble holding your workplace team together, and if there is a lack of communication, it may lead to a feeling of mistrust between your team members. Murder Mystery Dinner is the perfect form to organise and improve team cooperation, conversation, time management and task delivery!


Extraordinary dinner for you Murder Mystery Team Building


Whether a dinner will be successful or not, depends a lot on the venue. What could be a perfect place to have an unusual dinner, followed by murder?


A murder has been committed! But who will be able to find the criminal?


This dinner will be nothing alike your previous ones! There will not be boring and unconstructive discussion of business issues. We offer you the chance to spend a different evening/dinner in the company of your corporate team with the format: Murder Mystery Dinner, design to make everyone incur in a friendly and easygoing conversation



There is something about a murder mystery dinner that everyone loves.


The fun elements of Murder Mystery Diner are the race to the top, the costumes and the excitement of participating in a murder. As a team building event, each table works as a team to collect clues, question, suspects and solve the mystery, and all the while our performers are keeping them laughing and enjoying themselves.

We have a wide range of mysteries from customized plots that are developed specifically for you and that can be performed anywhere for anyone.


Are you ready to become a detective or murderers and get involved in a unique experience?


Participants will be transported in fiction and, during the meal, play the role assigned by our experts. No one will know who is the suspect, not even those who play the role! At the end of the event who will be the best at finding the suspect?


Want to extend your business to more than one day?


For those who need a longer corporate team building session, but do not want to give up the format of Murder  Mystery Dinner, we offer the opportunity to spend a wonderful and fun day full of Incentives with Murder Mystery Dinner.


Benefit for your team!


A Murder Mystery Dinner can be an excellent way to break the ice at a team building event and a chance for participants to relax and enjoy each other’s company in a spirit of friendly competition. Whether you chose to have the team directly involved in the scenario, or whether they take an observer’s role, there will be plenty to talk about in the days to follow.

This is  truly different way to spend time together with colleagues and build a perfect synergy between suspense, fun and great food!


A diner with the clouds!


What about a “Dinner in the sky“? You can have a dinner that is truly out of this world! Your dinner is hosted at a suspended table 50 metrers above the ground, which is guaranteed to make a lasting impression on your guests! You and your teammates can have an unparalleled view of Brussels, whilst delighting in rare dishes, wine and team building games. TeamWorking will make Murder Mystery Dinner an unforgettable experience.

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