Photographic Treasure Hunt

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A Photographic Treasure Hunt is an activity that involves groups finding interesting things and capturing them using a camera.  A simple yet fun way to promote teamwork and bonding. Given a time frame, a mission, tools, clues, and a playing field, your team will communicate, strategize, and bond. They can take place in the city by foot and by limo, and others are designed for resorts, conference centers, museums, zoos, and theme parks. A unique  shared experience that creates a high level of interaction between team members.


How Do You Play Photographic Treasure Hunt?


Each team is supplied with a scavenger hunt kit including a customized, original scavenger hunt list (including information that you provide) , the latest digital camera, a map of the area and even a team mascot.

We set your group loose on the streets of the city of your choice, completely customizing the whole wild adventure to your specific location and agenda. Throw in history, trivia and other customized corporate information, and you have all the makings of an engaging and memorable team building event.


Many varietie features are included, such as  a liberal sprinkling of clues, trivia and hilarious team and object recovery challenges. Based on your direction, TeamWorking provides a selection of fun and appropriate prizes for everyone involved. Bring it all to a wonderful close with team presentations (and awards ceremony) and a narrated slide show and optional post-hunt debrief by experienced TeamWorking facilitators or entertaining comedic performers.  The Photographic Treasure Hunt  finishes at a bar or restaurant for drinks, post-race storytelling and recognition of teams (first, worst, funniest … you decide!).


Playing the Photographic Treasure Hunt


Break out and explore your surroundings through a series of creative photo and object retrieval challenges, along with the development of a spirited Team Working, enhanced camaraderie is a guaranteed outcome.


After an engaging meet and greet, teams are given the required clue packages and tools needed to vie for the title of Photographic Tresure Hunt.

There are three exciting ways to earn points in this team event. In the Photo Challenge, teams review a list of clues and choose which of the options and various locations to photograph within the allotted time.


Object Retrieval Challenge: armed with a points-based list, the teams search for and return with a combination of interesting everyday objects, along with significant items representative of the local flavor and culture.


During the spirited Team Presentation, teams will earn additional points by presenting their chosen artistic expression which could be a team cheer, poem, commercial or song celebrating the team’s effort and reflecting their adventure.


Photograpfic Tresure Hunt is the ideal program for the development of new friendships and for strengthening the bonds of existing relationships.


Aspects of the program may be modified depending on variables including, but not limited to, venue restrictions, program length, and group size.


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