Plastic can fix everything

FORMcardDo you ever have to fix something that’s broken? Maybe you’d like to create your own tools or little objects for everyday use? Or simply you’re away from home and suddenly you need a tool to fix things?.. The problem is that you always need a different tool – if only existed a kind of universal tool you could use to do anything!.. But that’s a dream, right? No way someone would really creaty a universal tool for all your needs?..

But there’s always someone who makes our dream come true! In this case it’s a project by Indiegogo, also illustrated in a shot spot on Youtube (that you can watch HERE), that will help us in our everyday troubles. It’s called FORMcard and it’s a small card – wallet-sized, so that it’s very easy to bring it everywhere with us in the wallet – made of renewable plastic. It melts in hot water so that it can be easily cut and molded… and switches back to solid as soon as it cools!


The inventor of this little piece of genius is the UK designer Peter Marigold. He produces and sells FORMcards by crowdfunding, but by now he already had a massive amount of orders. What can we say? It seems that there FORMcards work really well!

We’d like to buy some of them for our work – can always be useful when we’re out of the office during an event – and even project some new Team Building activity with these plastic cards…

You’re interested? So, what are you waiting for? Click right HERE to contact us and realize your perfect Team Building together!

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