How can “playing” with LEGO help you improve your team


Let’s start constructing!


While the children were excited to see new “The Lego movie,” parents now have the chance to play in the office with LEGO. With LEGO Team Building your hands will allow you to view abstract concepts and foster interpersonal relationships.




Let’s explore our creativity


Individual learners construct mental models to understand the world around them. However, learning can happen most effectively when people are also active in making tangible objects in the real world. This is in short the concept of “constructionism” as intended by Seymour Papert, a mathematician South African origin who introduced the term artificial intelligence in the seventies.

The basic idea is while “construction” takes place in our head, it occurs in a particular way when it’s supported by the construction of something much more concrete: a sand castle, a cake, a Lego house, boat or a car. The product can be shown, discussed, examined, probed and admired. A useful lesson to every TEAM.


Team Building concept


In a corporate reality is it imaginable that something that could be constructed with hands can be useful to expand the knowledge? Building something with your hands is a team building activity that will bring values to your team. These activities take place in an environment away from the business reality, giving you the ability to deal in a simplified manner and seemingly in a different way so the benefits can be evident immediately.


How can we describe our LEGO Team Building?


In a LEGO Team Building the participants are involved in building something, with or without the help of an instruction manual. Will it make a difference? From an outsider point of view it is preferable to leave room for creativity. In a team-building training, each working group has the following characteristics: in terms of organization, in procedural terms, relational, and so on. We assume that a team is highly oriented to the technical work, with strong processing skills in an environment that is not usual for the office. Your team will be faced with the challenge of producing a creative work that will generate feedback. Depending on your team and creative energy, how will your team handle the unexpected and untypical situation, is solely on their own personal ability to manage complex situations.


Which skills will your team develope during LEGO Team Building?

  • leadership
  • creativity
  • teamwork
  • communication
  • distribution of tasks
  • opportunity to give feedback
  • time management


Returning to art. Have you heard the name of Nathan Sawaya? He is the one who has inspired us to use LEGO bricks for training. Take a look at the portfolio of his works. They are exhibited in major museums around the world! We’ll find out what you are able to create with a little fantasy, ideas, and a few thousand Lego bricks!

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