Playing and recycling



In previous articles we have talked about the importance of the ecological aspects of a team building activity and we’ve mention body percussion as a way of making music ecologically and all the same fun!


Surprisingly, we are not the only ones who have thought of the possibility of making music without harming the environment: a group from Naples called Capone e BungtBangt have thoughtbung bangt of reusing common objects and recycle materials to build music instruments with a unique sound! In the last few years this group has work with different artists and have taken part in important ecological and social initiatives, like helping teenagers that came form a difficult Naples neighbourhood.


Every exhibition of Capone e BungtBangt is presented as a theatre performance that leaves everyone with a reflection, one that supports our planet…


So what are these instruments? Pot, pans, trashcans, bottles, canes, screwdrivers, fire extinguishers and everything they can find and that can be transform into pure music! Every object produces a sound and the capacity to transform that sound into a rhythm is the talent that these Naples boys have to offer to the public.


Can we team build it?


Of course we can, Body Percussion and Corporate orchestra are activities that help “synchronise” every employee in the right tune and tempo, towards the same objectives…


Ecology Music Team Building will be the new format, fill with creativity, fun and a lot of recycling! The teams will learn how to play different objects and produce just one sole sound. It will be a test of a team working efficiently and at the same time caring for the planet by using recycle material and not just plain instruments.

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