Portovenere: a jewel by the sea

This week with our column about the incentive destinations in the vicinity of Milan we want to see some locations along the beautiful Ligurian PortovenereCoast. The coast was not touched by the industrial development during the last century, and thus appears as a landscape completely uncontaminated, made of natural beauties and historical jewels. It is not a case that the area in 1997 was listed as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Today we begin our trip with a little town, become a luxurious destination for many tourists from all over the world: Portovenere.


A history immersed in Nature


For its beautiful sites Portovenere presents itself as a real gem by the sea. In addition, the little town is easily reached from the city of La Spezia and can be visited in one single day. We enter in the historical center, that is Cappellini Street with its numerous shops and restaurants, through the Porta del Borgo built at the end of the XII century. In the historical center, in dominant position, we find the Sanctuary of the Madonna Bianca, or Church of Saint Lawrence, famous for the miraculous image of the Virgin Mary and built at the beginning of the XII century, after that Portovenere became part of the Republic of Genoa. On the hill overlooking the town, instead, we find the splendid Doria Castle, built between the XII and the XIV century. The edifice belonged to the Doria Family, one of the most influent in Genoa, and offers an incredible look on the rest of the location. If we approach the little town from the sea the first building we see is the extraordinary Church of Saint Peter. Even though from afar it appears as a military fortress, closely the edifice turns out to be a beautiful church built in the XII century.Chiesa di San Pietro

Interesting sites, don’t you think? Why don’t we take a look while motivating your staff with the formats Treasure Hunt andUrban Game? Divided in teams, the participants have to get to the finish line using the map of the city. History and adventure as incentive tools!!!!


The jewels out of Portovenere


Out of the town we find some natural jewels, immersed in the Mediterranean landscape made of uncontaminated Nature, majestic beaches and splendid woods. Of particular interest are the three islands of Portovenere. We find the Island of Palmaria, with its Grotta Azzura and Grotta Byron offering us a subterranean landscape in the belly of the earth: a real access to the underworld. Then we find the Island of Tino, with its unmistakable lighthouse placed on its top, and the Island of Tinetto, with the ruins of ancient religious constructions: fantastic!!! Think of the numerous beaches of golden sand and the crystal water: a tantalizing invitation to take your boat and discover these gems as in a Caribbean island. Let’s do it then with our format Sailing Team Building: divided in teams, the participants have to win a real regatta, challenging each other on the background of this extraordinary nature!!!Spiaggia a Palmaria

The Island of Palmaria is also famous for hiking, with some itineraries like the Red Trail and the Blue Trail. What do you say to go in search of the beauties of the place? Or make the same thing following a trail around the town? Let’s do this extraordinary incentive experience with our formats Survival and Orienteering: equipped with map and compass, the participants have to get to the end of the route in the shortest time possible. The team building in an uncontaminated paradise!!!


What are you waiting for??!! Hurry up!! Contact us and let’s have fun together with our incentive adventure!!!!

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