Recycled plastic: a positive trend

Riciclo-creativo-bottiglie-di-plasticaIn a previous article we started talking about plastic, a precious material, derived from petroleum that we used in our everyday life. The bad news is that plastic is harmful for the environment: it pollutes our oceans and puts at risk the survival of entire seas species and, in perspective, OUR survival. The good news is that almost riciclo e coltivo.


The latest trend is to promote projects where plastic is reused. As such we want to highlight an initiative called “Riciclo e coltivo” [“Recycle and cultivation”], in which 12 thousand kilos (more than 26 thousand pounds!) of plastic plates were gathered from 175 kindergarten milanese cafeterias, and converted into pots to plant aromatic spices such as basil and parsley, and small fruits like tomatoes and peas. One of the advantages of the project was that the dishes came to life! The other is that children had the opportunity to have a little garden where they could be participants of the cultivation process!


Another project that will take place in a few days is the initiative from Levissima, an important Italian water company. It originally took place in the Expo Milano 2015 and was later donated to the District of Milan to operate this year as a recreational area in Parco delle Basiliche, downtown Milan. The project consists in 500 meter squares (more than 5 thousand square feet) of games made entirely of recycle plastic: a place where kids will discover the ludic aspects plastic can have!


Even though these projects are interesting, they were made by big corporations that have the abilities to gathered plastic in such quantities. For the rest of us, the contribution to our planet is different: the authorities keep telling us that the best we can do is to recycle correctly and that they will take care of the rest… But maybe there’s more that we can do?


Can we?


We have been thinking of new ways to improve our recycling performance, and this is what we’ve thought of: a creative team building that will not only have the recycle part, but also the collecting part and the transformation part! Yes… You’ve read correctly! In this format we want to invite participants to create fantastic objects that can later be donated or that can be simply used to decorate spaces. A project that will help reduce pollution and that will be awesomely fun and creative!

What other activity could have the same results?!

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