Ice Driving


Another proposal of Teamworking to thaw a winter sleep: driving courses on ice, an adventure full of adrenaline to learn how to behave in extreme driving conditions.

A full day of emotions

We offer you a full day of emotions that will help you learn something that may be helpful in your daily life: an experience to leave a trace. After a suitable welcome, we will invite participants into a room, to explain some theoretical notions, necessary to face the safest way possible, their ice driving experience. After the briefing, participants will go to the “stands”: this is where they come upon the common vehicles (not sports cars with exceptional performance or special accessories) to become masters of an experience they will always remember. Accompanied by qualified instructors, they will descend on the track to experience all the adrenaline that only ice driving can give: it will be a very strong shudder, a lot of powerful emotion to increase personal responsibility, not only on the road but also in everyday life.

For whom is intended this activity?

At all agencies who want to “boost” their employees, those who want to work on personal responsibility, those who want to undertake a major life experience. It is recommended that all participants have a driving license B.

When can we make the driving on ice?

According to the availability of snow, it is an activity closely linked to the wintry period

Where will we drive on ice?

The track to perform this type of activity is in Lombardy at 3:30 of Milan.

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