Igloo Team Building

Tons of snow, temperature below absolute zero but so much fun. Imagine your colleagues struggling with the construction of an igloo (a type of shelter built of snow, used by the Inuit people up to the 70s).

Is construction of Igloo easy?

For sure not. Igloo indeed, built from very cold material has to protect from very low extreme temperatures. But no worries, we assure you that with the help of our trainers you can easily carry out the task.

Ready to live Igloo Experience?

We provide team with all necessary materials: saws, knives … and invaluable igloo know-how that allows participants to build snow house in the best possible way. The rest is up to teams.  Igloo Team Building allows to test manual skills, measure physical strength, check interpersonal and collaboration skills. It is a Team Building Activity suitable for any kind of business.

How we develop our Igloo format?

Igloo Team Building is the activity that is organized in most cases in the mountains. Teams divided into groups and accompanied by our trainer are provided with all materials needed to construct an igloo. After and appropriate briefing they proceed with igloo construction. The last step of our activity is debriefing during which we will evaluate the results and discuss the modus operandi of each team.

When and where to organize Igloo Team Building?

Time: February & March

Regions: Piemonte, Lombardia, Veneto, Friuli, Toscana, Umbria, Valle d’aosta.

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