Team Building Winter Olympics

The first Winter Olympic Games was held in Chamonix in 1924. 90 years after, the most expensive Winter Olympics were the Russian ones, in Sochi.

Sochi: the most expensive Winter Olympics!

This year Sochi was the first Russian city to host the Winter Olympics and as probably most of you have already heard there is a lot of controversial facts around the topic. In fact, Sochi Winter Olympics seem to be the most expensive ones of all. As many sources say, they cost Russia $51 billion. Sochi has opened its doors to 6,700 athletes from 88 countries that will compete in over 15 disciplines. There will be great winners and losers, tears of joy but also tears of defeat. For about 2 weeks (till 23.02) we will cheer and support our national teams (at least we plan to do it :)). Have you ever asked yourself how to live this experience in 100%? How to take the most of the winter and create a real team able to face any challenge? We have a solution!

How to win the Winter Olympics?

Winter Olympics team buildingTeam Building Winter Olympics: mountains, snow, a temperature below zero but also adventure, strength, and determination! Participants of our team building, divided into groups, will find themselves outside their comfort zone. They have a set of tasks to complete. The only way to succeed is to work together! They need to understand, that in order to win our healthy competition they have to communicate properly, divide tasks, remain unified, cooperate. There is no time for fights and misunderstandings. The unique winning strategy is to create synergy and take the most of each part of the team!

Igloo Building, Winter Survival, Snowman or Ice Sculptures are the most popular of our winter team building activities. Live an extreme afternoon in the mountains, boost team spirit, create new relationships in the circumstances far from office reality! How to get a tittle of team building winner? It’s easy. It’s enough to participate and follow the above rules!

What you can expect from our Winter Team Buildings:

  • Low temperature but hot atmosphere!
  • The afternoon full of winter challenges
  • Lots of fun and positive energy
  • New or reinforced relations
  • Moments of healthy competition
  • Winter prize for a winning team
  • Unforgettable experience

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