Team Building in Switzerland: the Lakes

Team Building in Switzerland: the Lakes

There are a lot of beautiful places to visit with an Incentive Trip or a Corporate Team Building in Switzerland: the Lakes offer many water activities that will let you spend nice time with friends or colleagues and improve your Team Work abilities. Let’s discover where we can go and what we can do!


Team Building in Switzerland: the Lakes

Do you know how many lakes there are in Switzerland? More than 1.500! The biggest are Lake Geneva and Lake Constance, that are common to Switzerland and other states. The largest lake completely enclosed in Swiss territory is Lake Neuchâtel. Big, small, alpine… Swiss lakes are all to discover and to visit! Here there are some of the most famous lakes, with hints about activities to try.


Lake Geneva

Lake GenevaLake Geneva is the biggest one, shared between Switzerland and France. On his shores rise, among others, such cities as Gevena, Lausanne and Montreux. Ideal for romantic cruises, the lake is partly surrounded by terraced vineyards of Lavaux and La Côte, while majestic Alps overlook the panorama.

The places to visit? The medieval hamlet of Yvoire, on the French coast, the little island of Castle Chillon, the cliffs of Peilz, Salagnon and La Harpe. The lake offers great variety of activities. Besides the rental of paddle boats, kayaks, rowing boats and motor boats, it is possible to try waterskiing, wakeboard, rowing, windsurf and sailing. Moreover, for those who prefer relaxing in the sun, more than fifty beaches are at disposal.

SUGGESTED TEAM BUILDING ACTIVITIES: Team Sailing, Carton Boat, Sand Castles Building.


Lake Constance

Lake ConstanceLake Constance (also called Bodensee and Schwäbische Meer) is divided between Switzerland, Germany and Austria. It’s the third biggest lake of Central Europe and hosts many islands: the largest is Reichenau, followed by Mainau and Lindau. On the coasts we find beautiful cities like Romanshorn, Arbon and Rorschach.

Around the lake run 273 km of bicycle path. By it we can visit a lot of places: baroque churches, benedictine abbeys, Roman archeological sites, medieval castles… For our family holiday or incentive tour we can also find high-level hotels, pubs, gourmet restaurants, beach resorts and thermal centers.

SUGGESTED TEAM BUILDING ACTIVITIES: Team Cooking, Treasure Hunt, Bicycle Tour.


Lake Lucerne

Lake LucerneLake Lucerne has a peculiar charm given by the picturesque frame of mountains and by its complex shape, rich of branches and bays. It is possible to circumnavigate the lake by land, following one of the many bicycle paths and enjoying the bathing zones.

Don’t miss the cruise one the board of one of the five steam boats, but also the visit to the city center of Lucerne.

SUGGESTED TEAM BUILDING ACTIVITIES: Dinner with Murder on board, Pirate Treasure Hunt, Bicycle Tour.

But which are the characteristics and the benefits of a team building on the lake done during a corporate event or an incentive tour?..


Team Sailing at the lake

Let’s take our corporate Team to a regatta in sailing boats! The charme of panorama, the sun, the wind in our hair: everything will contribute to create a unique corporate event. It will be a real adventure, suitable for a brave Team. It’s all but a leisure walk. A Team Sailing requires to all the team great effort of concentration, dedication and team work. Participants will learn to identify and to use the typical navigational knots, to set sails and to steer the boat safely. And in the end there will be a real regatta between the rival teams. Are your ready to face the challenge?!



Carton Boat: a regatta… made of cardboard!

For a less “extreme” adventure but a greater amount of creativity and fun. Carton Boat Team Building includes one part of Engineering and one of Action. At the beginning, each Team has to design the project of a boat capable of holding some people inside it. Then the project will be realized and put to the test in water, in a swimming pool, at the lake or event at the sea. The peculiarity of the boats? That must be made entirely of cardboard! And the challenge isn’t over. Our Carton Boats must be colored and decorated to convince the aesthetic judges… but also they must navigate quickly! The activity ends indeed with a speed race in water.

What does the Team work upon in this funny activity? On designing, dividing roles and tasks, realizing in short time a common project. The same activities that every corporate team must face during the work on a project are here decline in a lighter way. And the spirit of fun with which we face this team building facilitates an informal communication between colleagues, that improves Team’s psychological conditions.



Therefore, we can practice a lot of different kinds of team building in Switzerland: the lakes, just like the mountains, offer a lot of opportunities. Let’s exploit them this summer to spend a day with our coworkers and improve communication in our team. We can do it as a corporate team building or as an incentive trip for our clients.




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