Team Working’s secret reveal



Team building is a strategy that has been used in the United States for decades as a way to consolidate a group into a team that cooperates and works together in order to achieve the objectives in a more efficient way.


Building an enterprise isn’t easy and as we said in a previous article, if you have an idea, to consolidate it, you have to arm yourself with the right kind of people to make it a reality, a working, money-making reality.


At Team Working we strongly believe and have a passion for people and the talent they can bring to the organization. Not only do we surround ourselves with strong individuals, but we reinforce them in every opportunity we can and give them the space to develop their abilities and creativity.


After 10 years in the field of team building, our capo, Giovanni Gambardella, has discovered that the best way to keep a team together and motivated is to have fun. It might seem simple but it’s not an easy task when every particle of your team has different ideas, personalities and points of view.


So how can you combine each part into a single element?


A team building activity is a way to see the parts of your team become one and, at the same time, you will see an unforgettable smile on their faces…

Take a look at our Movie Making activities. Here the participants will have the chance to become directors, cameramen, editors, actors and actresses for a day. This is an example of an activity that using few resources has the capacity to bring a group together. And because they will only have a few hours to achieve the objective, they will have to divide each task, be creative and learn how to cooperate and agree in an idea.


Another activity that makes you put priorities into prospective is Treasure Hunt, an activity that we have performed in Milan, Florence, Rome, or internationally, in Barcelona, Prague, Dubai and so many other places. It consists in groups that find clues around a city, interact with the residents and learn about the place’s history. It’s a great way to make strategies to beat the other team.


Our ideas have carried us to plan activities for diverse company and group after group we have seen the positive effects a team building activity can have.

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