The fascinating Dubai in our Urban Game

Have you ever dreamed about visiting Dubai?


The glittered Dubai is a luxury and lively city, which has become over the last few years one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. It is particularly charming, thanks to its uniqueness, its wonderful landscape, just a few km away from its sand dunes and the fine sand of its beaches and the skyscapers view a breathtaking view on the Persian Gulf.


Esploring the city

Adventure in the city? Our Urban Game came to Dubai a few days ago for an adventure that fascinated, amused and involved the group who took part to it spending a day full of good cheer and good company, immersed into the wonderful scenary Dubai MarinaPalm Islands and Burj Khalifa.


Let’s start!

Participants were grouped for the initial brief during which they were divided into sub-groups receiving all the necessary information to start their tour: each team chose a path to follow, through the most typical and important attractions of the city, in which there are some check points where they have to find hints, solve enigmas and participate to some photographic activities. The aim is to complete the path before the other teams.

Walking through the city with iPad?

A funnier way to visit the city? With iPad. Participants had an iPad at their disposal, which made their trip more involving and interactive: with iPad they took some pictures, made short videos, challenged the other teams in little games and so much more.

Pictures of us!

One of the main features of this Urban Game is represented by the photographic activities inserted within the game: teams had to take pictures of some points of great interest and make short videos of some important places in the city, in order to continue their tour. This activity made their journey even more amusing and engaging, creating cooperation among participants, who at the end of the day took at home some pictures as souvenir.


Urban Game Dubai

Urban Game is a team building format, which combines the training aspect with the pleasure of discovering a new city: on one hand it creates cohesion within the team, it boosts team spirit, develops the ability of intuition and problem solving, improves personal relationships and communication skills, on the other hand it gives the opportunity to spend a fun day exploring new places in a more involving way.


Dubai is the brand new among our Urban Game locations. Check out the others: Rome, Milan, Florence, Instanbul, Barcelona and many others.

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