The importance of being different

Just as diversity is present in the society even in the world of work. Indeed, the employees of a company are different on the basis of gender, ethnicity, religion, culture and many other aspects.

The underestimation of a such important aspect could lead to a big mistake for such companies which aim is to grow within the global market. It is of paramount importance that companies support and promote diversity in all its forms  by adopting a Diversity & Inclusion strategy so as to recognize and value individual differences to maximize the potential in each person.

In this way it is possible to make different aspects, such as ethic and business, live together avoiding any unfair discrimination.

Diversity means opportunity to us

At Team Working we strongly believe in the importance of an inclusive culture that let people express their potential. With that said, we think that each single person, according to its personal working experience, emotional and cultural background could represent an added value for the working environment.

This is why we propose Team Building Urban Movie Making. The goal is to realize a short film or an Movie Making Team Buildingadvertising spot through the city streets.

It is crucial, for the success of the project, that each member of the team could choose the role that allows him to express its quality potential. All the team members, together, will write the screenplay and only in a second moment they will accordingly decide who will be an actor or the director.

Discover Team Building Urban Movie Making:

This activity reflects a working environment in which everyone is encouraged to cooperate to perseverate a common goal. As a matter of fact, the overall work will be divided according to the ability of each component and, eventually, they coordinate themself towards the common objective. No one is left behind.

A good team draws its strength both from the experience and cultural diversities between its members.

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