Angels and Demons in Rome: a breathtaking adventure

Angels and Demons in Rome is a city game team building inspired by Dan Brown’s bestseller Angels & Demons. Just like happens to the characters of this famous novel and movie, participants of this urban team building treasure hunt in Rome have to travel around the city streets while following the traces of a dangerous criminal. Will they manage to stop him before he will devastate the Eternal City?!



A thrilling adventure… hunting a fearsome killer!

The adventure starts when participants receive a message from a psycho killer. He claims to be part of the sect of the Illuminati and announces that his aim is to replicate in real life the crimes told in Dan Brown’s novel Angels and Demons.

Angeli e Demoni a Roma: illuminati

Angeli e Demoni a Roma: illuminati

The murderer specifies even the place where he is going to execute the first victim and challenges the participants to stop him before the bloodbath will start. Will the Team be brave enough to stop the madman?..

Participants will play hide-and-seek with an extremely dangerous criminal, following his traces between worldwide famous monuments in an exciting adventure in the city.

Angels and Demons in Rome: the clock is ticking!

Team Building City Game: Angeli e Demoni a Roma

Team Building City Game: Angeli e Demoni a Roma

But the clock is ticking! City Game Angels and Demons in Rome is a rush against time where each second is vital. The murderer is already in action and has given us just 3 hours to find him and stop the horrible plan.

During the activity participants must:

  • Discover the secrets hidden among the most important monuments of Rome
  • Perform creative activities
  • Meet mysterious characters who will provide enigmatic hints
  • Solve riddles and enigmas.

Will the Team stop the maniac? We will discover it only when the game starts!

This team building will allow the Team to improve relational dynamics while at the same time discovering places and monuments of the Eternal City in a thrilling adventure rich of many surprises.