Treasure Hunt – Inferno in Florence

Did you read Dan Brown’s Inferno? Or maybe you saw the movie? TeamWorking crew is passionate about mystery and esotericism, but also about thrilling chases and treasure hunts. So we really couldn’t miss it! But, unfortunately, we weren’t the only one. Also, a maniac from Florence was inspired by Inferno to create an engineered disease and threaten the existence of humankind. The Teams will follow the traces of this new Zobrist and try to disarm the virus… but the time is ticking! We only have 3 hours to save the human race. Will we succeed? We can find out only by playing our new Team Building city game Inferno in Florence!



Inferno in Florence: an unusual and exciting adventure

In this new treasure hunt team building game, we’ll have the chance to discover the capital of Renaissance from a mystical and esoteric point of view. In fact, the maniac loves Dante‘s work and especially the Divine Comedy. That’s why he chose to live in Florence. Also, many enigmas and riddles that the criminal leaves to his disciples – and that we will interpret instead of them – are linked to Dante.

Inferno in Florence urban gameParticipants will follow the traces of the maniac in the streets of the town, performing creative tasks and solving riddles and puzzles of various types. Each team will be accompanied by one of our coaches, who will be a new professor Robert Langdon. What we’ll do will not be the usual city tour, but the contrary! We will discover in Florence the most famous monuments, but also the most hidden corners. Most of all, we will do it with a great amount of fun, originality, and fantasy, and in the pleasant company of coworkers or friends with whom we are sharing this experience.

This new adventure in the capital of Tuscany comes beside the other kinds of Treasure Hunt in Florence. Do you want to be the first team to experience the Inferno in Florence or get to know more about the other formats we practice in this town? Click HERE to contact us for further information.