Urban Game gets mysterious!

The Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, the Uffizi gallery,  the Florence Cathedral,  San Marco square, the Milan Cathedral, the elegant villas on the Como Lake… if we had to make a list of all the Italian cultural and artistic beauties not even a year would be enough!

The Bel Paese offers unlimited leisure options, being rich in culture, history, art and intriguing stories about its cities, which are usually known only by the local residents.

We decided to combine the enthusiasm of a traveller discovering a remote place with the natural human interest for everything mysterious and cryptic.


“Turin, my dear friend,  is a capital discovery… I am in a good mood and work from morning to evening- a small pamphlet about music keeps my hands busy. I eat like a god, sleep despite the noise  of the coaches  passing by in the night. The air does all this: dry, energising, joyful. […] The first place, where I am possible !”


These are the words the German philosopher Nietzsche used in a 1888 letter written to his friend Peter Gast to describe the first capital of Italy.

Turin bewitches its guests at the very first sight, just as an elegant lady from the centuries past would do: taking one’s eyes away from this city’s stern but gentle visage  is close to impossible.


Turin main square


Find out the ancient charming stories about the origins of Turin, stemming from legends narrating the days of mysterious Celtic tribes, valiant Roman centurions, a brave bull and even Egyptian and Greek gods! Explore the secrets of the Roman decumani and the medieval narrow streets, mysterious labyrinths run just beneath the blacktop surface! They say several wizards and alchemists used to work here, while trying to create tons of gold, precious gems and even the philosopher’s stone. Take a walk down the alleys of the kings of Italy, keeping an attentive eye not to miss masonic symbols  hiding inscrutable secrets: the monuments and churches of Turin have plenty to display!



Following the murderer’s trace

You are very likely to find outstanding buildings on your way: many of them have a disturbing past.

Some halls of the aristocracy are home to the ghosts of delicate balerinas and melancholic noblewomen who had to face a sad fate, other palaces are the shelter of young majors disappeared into thin air (well, almost). At the same time, the simple houses belonging to average residents have been the scene of much more cruel crimes; some of them are still a big riddle for the police.   Imagine that some of the cases remain unsolved since decades, despite a good amount of available evidence you can find on the crime scene.

A factory worker with a bizarre injury, the “double mystery” of a woman found dead in her apartment … will you and your team succeed in reconstructing the events thanks to available evidence, clues and interviews of the witnesses that the local detectives will provide you with?

Finding out what was the motive, the weapon used and exposing the guilty criminal to justice is all but an easy task: be careful not to stumble and miss important details! On the other hand, nothing is impossible for a solid and united team, that is well focused on a common goal. Test and challenge your detective intuition, pay attention to key details, elaborate your theories and compare them with the findings of the members of your team, so that at the end of the investigation the case be solved!

I like this one!

Being a program that blends playing, learning and practicing in one activity, without any doubt Urban Game Detective will  entertain and involve the team in a galvanising experience. The result? You will see it clearly right after the activity starts: drive, fun, motivation, synergy, sharing, entertainment, a better awareness of the self and the group, listening persuasion and leadership skills will improve along with the main soft skills that essential in a company able to think outside the box.