Turin: esoteric city

Turin: esoteric city

The most mysterious between Italian towns? Of course it is Turin, esoteric city par excellence, located at vertex of two “magic triangles”. It is in fact part of the “triangle of white magic” with Prague and Lyon, and part of the “triangle of black magic” with London and San Francisco.

It’s not only because of this position that Turin is one of the best places to investigate the mysteries of magic and occult. Some say that beneath Piazza Statuto is located one of the gateways to Hell! That’s why there are many tours and incentive travels to discover this city. Our proposal? A real Scavenger Hunt in the streets of Turin!


Mysteries to uncover

Great Mother's statue seen from Mole AntonellianaFollowing the traces of mysterious esoteric sects, we will traverse streets and squares of Turin. We can even descend in the underground to uncover unspoken secrets… or, instead, climb up the Mole Antonelliana to admire the landscape from above.

During our adventure, we will solve riddles of various kind, find precise places based on ambiguous hints, and meet mysterious characters who will try to help us or to impede our research.

For our interest in the past and magic, we can add the passion for technology by choosing to bring an iPad with us. It will let us not only receive clues and communicate with other teams, but also will have in store for us breathtaking surprises like encoded messages and enigmatic videos that we will have to decipher in order to arrive at the destination.

We can even create our own short movie full of horror and mystery, as we do in our team building Urban Movie activity. We will be the screenwriters, directors, and actors in very special locations!


Places to visit

Egyptian Museum in TurinThere are a lot of places that make Turn an esoteric city. Let us just think of Certosa 1515, the ancient Avigliana monastery turned in 2011 into accommodation for tourists. Not many hotels have similar historical charm! How not to think of it as a set for a thrilling Dinner with Murder?!

We can also visit in our mystery tour the Egyptian Museum of Turin, recently re-opened. Egyptian culture, focused on death and its overcoming, fits perfectly with our concept. But also an apparently modern place like the National Museum of Cinema can reserve incredible surprises if visited with the spirit of living an adventure. For example? Of course, with a Movie Making team building!

So, we can’t wait to visit Turin with you! Our goal? Have fun, discover the city from a different point of view, but also build team spirit with our colleagues. Because Treasure Hunt in Turin is also one of our Urban Team Building activities!

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