Venice: Actors and Superstars at the Cinema Festival

Michael Keaton at the Venice International Cinema FestivalTo open this year’s edition of the Venice International Cinema Festival there is another great work bearing the signature of the Mexican director Alejandro González Iñárritu: the Birdman. The cast is what best we can wait from a movie such as this: an extraordinary Michael Keaton (to the right) accompanied by Emma Stone and Edward Norton. The movie promises to be up to the fans and lovers expectations and to give us great emotion and fun. But the cinema can wait, because now we have to hurry up and see the next location of the incentive destinations around Milan, one that needs to presentation: Venice, the city of water.


What do you say if we go for a ride….. in GONDOLA??!!                                                                                                                                                      

Venice stretches over a series of islands in a vast lagoon territory, the Lagoon of Venice, something that has forged deeply the city architecture, which does not unfold on streets, squares and alleys, but on waterways of various sizes. All around it a myriad of extraordinary historic sites, including palaces, churches and other edifices, surrounded by a uncontaminated natural landscape and rich in protected areas. NoPiazza San Marco in Venice wonder if Venice is universally considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world and ranked as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. We can instead rank it as perfect team building location.


Let’s take some step back..


But let’s take a brief look at the history of Venice to better understand its legacy. Founded in the VI century from a serious of local settlements, in the Middle Age the city saw the development of a dynamic and enterprising merchant class, thanks to its proximity to Byzantium which made it the natural bridge for commercial traffics between East and West. In the following centuries the Serenissima progressively lost its political and economical supremacy but nevertheless managed to remain one of the most refined cities in Europe, capable of profoundly influencing the art, architecture and literature of the time.


The pulsing heart of Venice  Waterway in Venice  


So here are some sites testifying the glory of this history. There is Piazza San Marco, center and pulsing heart of Venice, with the basilica bearing same name of the XI century, famous for its mosaics recounting the history of the Maritime Republic and the four horses in bronze on its main door. Then there is the Palazzo Ducale of the XV century, in the past the seat of the Venetian government and now used as museum for the most important Venetian artists, and the Campanile di San Marco, built in 1173 AD and for long used as lighthouse for sailors.  Why don’t we see together this history oozing through from every pore of the city? Treasure Hunt perfectly fits the task, made even more engaging by the fascination of the place. But let’s also remember Team Sailing, with which we can know the city and practice our incentive activity perhaps in the best way possible: by navigating its canals and waterways.


The favorite cuisine by Casanova!!!the Risotto of the Doge


The cultural and artistic heritage of Venice also expresses itself through its cuisine, where the Serenissima holds some important records. In Venice was printed the first book of Gastronomy of the world and here was opened the first coffee shop in the West. From here comes the use of fork, brought as “dowry” from Byzantium by the princess Theodora Dukas, and from here the spices arrived from East to enrich the cuisine of the West.  We cannot forget the Risotto del Doge, according to tradition the favorite dish by Giacomo Casanova, or the Castagnole, venetian popular dish become famous all over the world. Why don’t we take a look at this  gastronomical richness with one of the formats from our series Cooking Team Building? We will motivate your staff with the fascination and the flavors of a magnificent location.


Not only the city..Riviera del Brenta


The beauty of the Serenissima does not limit itself to its culture. Around Venice we find a series of protected and uncontaminated areas which add further fascination to the city. We cannot fail to mention the Cave di Noale, WWF oasis characterized by numerous lakes of different dimensions, and the Oasi di Valle Averto, another WWF site famous for its lagoon landscape. Do you want to discover with us the splendor of the fauna and flora of these places? Orienteering and Survival Team Building will lead us in this unprecedented journey, where we can admire the purple heron or the marsh harrier.

The location not only offers numerous places rich in art, history and nature, but also numerous events and sites that we can use for your meetings and congresses. Thanks to our experience as DMC (Destination Management Company) organizing your personal event won’t be a problem for our staff, which will help you both in the planning and the preparation. Contact us and we will be pleased to help you to satisfy your needs for an unparalleled incentive experience.


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