Viareggio Carnival ready to start

Viareggio Carnival ready to start

The bad weather on Italy continues. Because of the rain, the first procession of Carnival of Viareggio, which had to be Sunday 5 of February, was delayed to Sunday 12 and will start almost at the same time with Carnival of Venice. This means that we have a week more to get prepared to the greatest show of all year! With Viareggio Carnival ready to start, we must think about our corporate party. Let’s imagine that we are in Italy… or let’s fly to Italy eventually!


Creating our carnival masks

Creating Carnival MasksA nice Art Team Building activity is that of creating your own carnival masks. We will have to work in team, using only the most simply materials: paper, cardboard, fabric, papier-mâché. And it’s even better if we can get to use some recycled and/or recyclable materials!

To create something artistic is always a wonderful experience, especially if you do it with other people you care about, such as friends or colleagues. There’s some spirit of competition, but also a lot of team work. In this creative workshop participants will be divided in teams and will have to work together to realize their masks.

And in the end… let’s get our Company Carnival Party started!


Come to Italy!

Viareggio Carnival Ready to StartItalian Carnival is something you must see at least once in a lifetime. Viareggio, Venice, Ivrea, Milan are the most famous outside of Italy. But there are a lot of smaller towns that are famous for their carnival parties: Putignano (Puglia), Aci Reale (Sicilia), Mamoiada (Sardinia), Madonna di Campiglio (Trentino Alto Adige), Fano (Marche), Cento (Emilia Romagna).

Carnival is one of the best moments to visit Italian cities. We can discover them in a thrilling Urban Game, walking around the streets to find the most important monuments while performing carnival-linked creative tasks. Or we can step on a Segway to follow the floats without getting tired. Or even take our camera and turn into directors and actors to shoot a Movie about our Italian experience!

What are you waiting for? You have less than a month to project your Carnival in Italy. Click HERE to contact us right now and start planning it!


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