Working under stress? Turn it around!

Stress is a major obstacle to our well-being and our job performance . Often anxiety affects us respect the attention needed to achieve our goals and maintaining a serene and relaxed in the office.


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Managing stress level


Relaxation techniques are natural activities to enhance your problems of stress, anxiety and problems associated with it.


How to Relax?


Ask anyone how they are feeling today and the most common answers you’ll receive are “tired”, “too busy” or “stressed”. Or perhaps they’ll reply “fine”, while looking tired, too busy, or stressed. In fact, take a moment to consider how you’re feeling today – any of the above? If the answer is yes, then it’s highly likely your colleagues and staff are feeling the same pressures too.

Working under stress is a part of everyday modern life and no matter what the cause – whether it’s increasingly intelligent communication and technology, unrealistic business goals or expectations, or additional demands on work and home life – we need to develop ways to turn stress around, into something positive.

The method proposed by our relaxation techniques, once learned, accompanies us throughout life, becoming part of the daily care and time we devote to ourselves.

What are the benefits ?

The benefits of relaxation techniques are varied. Among the main positive effects we can highlight:

  • reducing in many cases psychosomatic symptoms;
  • control anxiety through the achievement of a state of calm;
  • decrease the perception of pain and physical tension;
  • improve attention , concentration and memory, so as to enhance their performance;
  • have a rapid recovery of energy , promoting rest and relaxation.


How can TeamWorking help YOU


Taking place on neutral ground, our events help your people to get the most from themselves – and the results aren’t time-restricted. All skills are fully transferable to the workplace because our teambuilding activities are created to benefit your people and your business long term, by helping your people evolve into a strong, dedicated team.

Mimicking the kind of stress in the workplace you experience on a daily basis, our Outdoor teambuilding activities are specifically designed to make people think innovatively and react accordingly while working under pressure. They enhance creativity, test analytical skills and turn stress into a challenge that requires originality, ingenuity and energy.


Challenge Your Team


For example, challenge your team’s creativity, project management and teamwork skills with our Painting Team Building or Crazy Car Race teambuilding activity. Designing and building is certainly fun, but like any project in the business world, there are limited time and resources available. Planning plays a crucial role from the start, and each team needs to utilize their time management, leadership, risk management and problem-solving skills to complete the task successfully. Maybe for your Team, Cooking Team Building could be suitable as a stress management format?

This is just one example of how we can help you to enhance your business prospects. Teambuilding activities are a step in the right direction towards rewarding your people with increased skills, awareness and coping mechanisms, and helping to reduce stress in the workplace. As a result, your team will grow in confidence, competence and understanding of business goals – what better antidote to negative energy?


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