World’s longest pizza in Naples!

In search of a Guinness Record


World's longest pizzaFor Italians, saying Naples means saying pizza! In this city in 1889 for the Bourbon Queen Regina Margherita was baked the first Margherita pizza, named after the queen. And today, Naples is trying to beat the record of the world’s longest pizza made last year in Milan EXPO.

The enormous pizza, an idea of Pizza Village and Caputo Il Mulino, was baked by a team of hundreds of chefs who worked for 11 hours to create the masterpiece. They used two tons of flour, two tons of mozzarella, 50,000 ounces of tomato, 50 gallons of oil, and 66 pounds of fresh basil!

But the real innovation is how it was baked: for the occasion were custom designed five motorized wood-burning stoves on wheels. So, it wasn’t the pizza that was put into a stove: instead, the stove moved along the pizza!

We don’t know who ate it, but we’re pretty sure no one stayed hungry today in Naples…

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