Team Building Incentive in Malta

Malta is one of our team building destinations. We organize team building activities, which are ideal for incentive travels and congress tourism travels. Our team building formats are designed for international companies that want to live a team experience at the beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea.

What to know about Malta?

The country is actually an archipelago (composed by Malta, Gozo and Comino) and it is surrounded by the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Also, it is close to both neighboring Sicily and Africa.

The Maltese Islands have a fascinating heritage and an almost mythical quality to it that comes from its eerie underwater caves, stunning temples, and medieval architecture. The country is also fiercely proud of the legendary Knights of Malta, who fought off the Turks and launched the Crusades.


Called “The Sunny Island” because of its average of 320 days a year of scorching sunshine, Malta’s palm-tree fringed landscape is dotted with picturesque hilltop towns, peaceful seaports, colorful old fishing villages, and natural attractions. Due to the undoubtedly great advantage of fair weather, the Maltese Islands lend themselves well to any kind of outdoor activities.

Malta can satisfy all your desires!






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What to do in Malta?

Our Team Building for your Incentive

Based on our company’s experience, we design events that fit our clients’ needs. We arrange dozens of Team Building formats as:

  • Urban Game Activities to discover the culture and traditions of the island (treasure hunt, iPad Urban Game),
  • Action Team Building (soft air, team sailing, orienteering, survival),
  • Cooking Team Building (pasta cooking, pizza making, cake design, sushi making, wine alchemist, cocktail challenge, etc),
  • Creative Team Building formats (team painting, engineering team building, lego team building, carton boat crosswords etc).

Enhance your team spirit!

We offer ideas that boost team spirit, motivateinspireentertainchallengecreate relations, and remain in one’s memory for a long time!

We have an international experience in managing any kind of group (from small groups to about 300 participants).

Take a look at the best places to do Team Building and have fun!


A strategically important seaport, Valletta (UNESCO World Heritage since 1980) is the elegant capital of Malta. The entire city is testimony to the grandeur of the Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem, an 11th-century order of European noblemen that provided shelter for pilgrims in the Holy Land and took on a military role to defend Christianity. In 1530, the Spanish King, Charles V, gave Malta to the Knights. The knights created a capital worthy of their aristocratic stature, on par with other great European capitals. Valletta’s regular grid plan and orderly public squares reveal the knights’ logical 16th-century urban planning.

Nowadays, Valletta is appreciated for an array of hotels, restaurants, historical sites, and cultural events. Among its landmarks there are The Grand Master’s Palace, St. John’s Cathedral or La Sacra Infermeria (The Knights Hospitaliers).

The best way to explore the city and discover the fascinating stories of the era of the Knights is participating in one of our Urban Game activities, like the classic Urban Game and the Urban Game iPad.

In Malta, you will explore 7000 years of history while living in the present. Wherever you go, you will find an astonishing scenery and architecture. The colors are striking, honey-colored stone appear against the deepest Mediterranean blue.

One of the features of our Urban Game Team Building activities is the possibility of using an iPad during the treasure hunt in the city. The iPad allows a technologic and up-to-date approach to the team building activities. It turns the discovery of a new city into a technological adventure, a way to have fun, stay together and share emotions.


The history of Mdina, Malta’s ancient capital city, traces back more than 4000 years. The city is centrally located on the highest hilltop, overlooking the whole island.
Mdina has had different names and titles depending on its rulers and its role but its medieval name describes it best – Città Notabile: the noble city. It was home then, as now, to Malta’s noble families; some are descendants of the Norman, Sicilian and Spanish overlords who made Mdina their home from the 12th century onwards. Impressive palaces of medieval and baroque architecture line its narrow, shady streets.
Mdina is one of Europe’s finest examples of an ancient walled city and extraordinary in its mix of medieval and baroque architecture.

It is the perfect setting for our Treasure Hunt, unveiling the secrets of the past centuries and find the hidden treasure.

Another perfect Team Building activity would be a Rescue Team. Participants will be able to save the world by solving riddles hidden in the ancient history of this city.

Our locations always have a story full of mystery, considering the legends and historical vicissitudes related to the spaces. For this, the participants must solve the related enigmas and must be able to complete a series of steps that will lead them to the final solution, to dissect the intricate story and reveal the final solution!


The peculiarity of this city, though, is that it is also one of the places where a lot of scenes of Game of Thrones has been filmed! For the hardcore fans of the series, it would be absolutely amazing to see with their own eyes the places where the actors of the famous tv show played their roles and live a Team Building experience as if they were within the series itself!


The breathtaking views on Dingli Cliffs, especially at sunset, attract people from all over the world all year round. The cliffs plunge dramatically into the Mediterranean Sea, and the sloping hillsides are fertile land used by small farms. This is another spectacular surrounding for our activities.

In this place, for example, we truly suggest you to try our amazing Segway Tour because it will take you to see some of the most breath-taking views in Malta. This area of Malta is one of the nicest country-side areas, a very peaceful part to experience the amazing views, stretches and a lot of fresh air! It is a perfect way to explore and learn more about this beautiful island while having fun together.

Also, Dingli Cliffs could be a perfect place for Orienteering activity. In this activity the Team components will find themselves outside of their comfort zone, taking decisions and looking for the right reference points in an unknown environment. Orienteering activity on top of the Dingli Cliffs is a source of a pleasant experience that is able to stimulate participants to establish relationships, make decisions and develop communication.


Malta is well-known for having some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean Sea with the cleanest water in Europe. Malta has beaches for everyone, from windsurfers to sunbathers.


For our activities, we choose Malta’s most scenic sandy stretches like Golden Bay, which is characterized by soft golden sand that shimmers in the sunlight. Furthermore, with crystal blue water and one of the few soft and sandy beaches in Malta, Għajn Tuffieħa is another beautiful beach a little smaller and more private. It has a rustic feel because of its unusually red sand, surrounded by majestic cliffs that only add to the beautiful splendor a gentle red-sanded beach.

Maltese beaches are great for our action loaded Outdoor Activities such as Survival, the Team Building activity that includes a rope bridge on which to walk, learning how to light a fire with unconventional methods and building a shelter in order to “survive” nature extreme conditions. But these are just some of the tests that teams will have to overcome. Another amazing Team Building event perfectly suitable for the Maltese beaches is the Carton Boat. The aim of this activity is to build, within a certain time and with limited resources, a boat made of cardboard! The fun is to build, create, decorate and in some cases… swim together!

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