We propose to our clients and the agencies we work with to add an incentive trip to Italy or various other countries abroad or to join us for a Team Building and Experiential Training activity. Our activities contribute to building team spirit and improving communication in original and outstanding ways. We bring the participants to an unusual and fascinating setting to force them into experimenting more effective kinds of communication.

Team Building: What is it?

Team Building: what is it?

What does it mean? Doing team building means integrating the knowledge and qualities of each team’s member, learning to communicate and work together, respecting timing, and effectively solving difficult and stressful moments.

With which instruments? We do it through Experiential Training which encompasses a wide range of activities – culinary, creative, adventurous and so on. What they have in common is that we put the team in front of an unusual challenge, often in competition with other groups. For the success of the activity, it is necessary to build a common strategy, exploiting everyone’s capabilities and discovering hidden potential.

Our Team Building and Incentive programs bring the participants to:

  • work in a team
  • develop a common strategy
  • think creatively and “out of the box”
  • face challenges
  • solve problems
  • learn time-management
  • learn to manage stress
  • feel emotions
  • get to know each other better
  • and, most of all, have fun!
Would you like to discover which Team Building fits better for your Team?


We work directly with enterprises to organize educational and fun events. We can organize a short intervention of just an hour, for example, an ice-breaking activity during a convention or a meeting. Additionally, we can also develop a training program of six months or a year, providing periodical meetings and monitoring of achieved goals.


Many event and touristic agencies address us for the organization of a team building during a corporate event. In an incentive trip or an event lasting a few days, there’s always time for an exciting and useful activity. We are experts in the field and we design our team building events from A to Z for a flawless result, without surprises.


We also are a Destination Management Company. We accommodate incentive groups coming from every part of the globe. We keep in contact with the best locations all around Italy, hotels, resorts, castles, and villages. We are aware of the peculiarities of each region of Italy and we can offer the most competitive solutions and the most interesting activities.

Types of Team Building

Let’s bring the Team to the kitchen to discover typical Italian dishes or to experiment with foreign traditions. Perfect for a foreign incentive group. Try with them Pasta Cooking, Pizza Making or Wine Games: Italian tradition will have no more secrets!

Master Cooking

The best tool to discover an Italian or European art city. Hints to follow, mysterious characters, creative challenges: Urban Game is much more than a ‘treasure hunt’. Try also the game with iPad, the Segway Tour, and the Pirate Treasure!

Urban Game Venice

Adrenaline and emotions are the main ingredients of our outdoor team building activities. Crazy Car Race, Outdoor Training, Survival, Orienteering, but also Team Sailing and Hot Air Ballooning… we have the right solution for any season and any enterprise.

Crazy Car Race

Music activities improve mutual listening, communication, and integration of the team. Let’s try Lip Dub for unchained fun, Body Percussion for an educational activity or Corporate Song to create team spirit.

Corporate Song Creation

No more boring visits to a museum: in our Creative Team Building, participants become artists for a day. Directors with Movie Making, painters with Action Painting or designers with Carton Boat. Is your Team ready for a fantasy challenge?!

Movie Making

Italy is beautiful and charming in every season… Then, why not to choose winter for an adventurous incentive trip? There are many team building activities that we can do in the snow. Our favorite one? Igloo Building!

Team Building e Incentive sulla Neve
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