Our Incentive and Team Building Activities

Scavenger Hunt in the city? Exploration of Italian culinary specialties? Adventure in the mountains or at open sea? Our corporate Team Building Activities and Incentive Trips bring participants to live impactful experiences!

For your Team Building and Incentive activities, we choose the method of Experiential Training. We bring the Team to make a new experience, far away from the corporate routine. The environment must also be unusual: an art city, a mountain covered in snow, a lake… or just a professional kitchen! Living a different day will help the Team to develop communicational skills and get to know each other from a new and more informal point of view.

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The Carnival season has already started! Carnival is traveling all around Italy, from Viareggio to Venice. Ambrosian Carnival in Milan is always a week later than in the rest of Italy… but it’s almost here and there’s no time to lose!

Let’s get prepared in time to celebrate with our team of colleagues. Why not do it with a creative Team Building activity? We can make our own personalized Carnival Masks… while boosting team spirit!

The best summer team building! Carton Boat unifies effectively two components: creativity and adventure.

In the first part of the activity, participants must design and build a boat made entirely of… cardboard. Participants first design the project and then create it with their own hands. The aesthetic part and especially the decorations are also of great importance because they will be evaluated by a competent panel of judges.

Once the boats have been completed, they are tested in water: in a swimming pool or in the sea. Next, a real speed race between the different stables. To win, the team must be the fastest to reach the finish line… without sinking!

Cocktails are an excellent mean to spend time in good company and establish friendships. But today’s activity isn’t about drinking! Instead, we will learn how to create cocktails ourselves, just like we were experienced bartenders! Under the guidance of experts and with all the necessary materials we will discover the most important techniques and the best combinations. The goal? To create our own recipe, to study the decoration and presentation of our drink and… to win the competition!

A LipDub is an original music video created on the notes of a famous song, usually the most recent summer hit. In this musical team building activity, we will be ourselves screenwriters, directors, and choreographers of the video. And we also have to sing to “lip dub” the voice!

This creative and musical activity brings a huge amount of fun. Thus it’s perfect for a corporate celebration of a Family Day. The best part is choosing and creating costumes and disguises. Makeup, colored wigs, original accessories: all of these contribute to making our LipDub the funniest party. Laughter is guaranteed!

Here it is: one of the most effective activities for companies that need a really useful team building training.

Would you like to work on communication, trust, developing a common strategy, problem-solving? Then Outdoor Training will be the right choice. It’s a sequence of dynamic exercises, usually done at the open air (but that can be easily moved to an indoor location like a gym, in case of bad weather). Physical interaction helps participants to create new relationships and improve the already existing ones. Obviously, all with the good and joyful mood that the sun and natural environment help to create!

Let’s become designers for a day! Crazy Car Race unifies two categories of team building activities: creativity and adventure. During the first part of the day, each team must design, build, and decorate a mini race car. The design has to be the most original possible, but the provided materials will be few, sometimes even bizarre and hard to get.

And the difficulties aren’t over yet! In the second part of this team building activity, we will set up the track for a high-speed race. Each team will provide a capable pilot and a strong “pusher” who will stand in for the engine. And the winner is… the team that first cuts the finish line!

To turn ourselves for a day in directors and actors? With our Movie Making Team Building, it is possible! Here is an Incentive and Team Building activity that suits teams of any dimension, even a high number of participants. It can be done in outdoor spaces, like in the city streets (in this case we talk of an Urban Movie Making) or in a beautiful natural environment. But the location can also be in the indoor spaces of a hotel or a resort.

Thanks to the advanced technology that we use, in the short time of half a day each Team can create by itself a mini short movie. Advertisement for a product, vision of the company’s future or testament of the visit to the city: the themes can vary. What is important is to divide tasks and to perform all the steps of the creative process as a Team!

Living the city in an original and creative way! That’s what we mean by Urban Game. It is by no means a simple “treasure hunt”. Instead, it is a day dedicated to the discovery of places, traditions, and curiosities of an Italian or European art city.

The participants of an Urban Game divide themselves into Teams and receive a set of enigmatic clues to follow. With the help of paper materials or of an iPad they reconstruct the path to follow and reach the final destination. And it’s not over yet! During the activity, they will have to face some creative challenges.

According to the results, the Teams will be evaluated by a panel of judges, and a winner will be proclaimed!

An orienteering race at the park or in the woods. Participants are divided into opposite Teams. Equipped with a map of the territory and a compass, they have to cover in the given amount of time a series of preset “control points”.

The rules of orienteering race are quite explicit. No one must remain behind, the Team must proceed for all the time of the activity as a unique organism. The pace to keep will then be that of the weakest member of the group. In the itinerary, there will also have to perform unforeseen and creative additional challenges. It won’t be easy to finish the race completing all the tasks: only the best will manage to do it!

Tagliatelle, ravioli, gnocchi and even spaghetti alla chitarra. In the culinary team building Pasta Making, we will discover all the best of the Italian gastronomical traditions! We will learn together which ingredients are necessary to prepare the fresh egg pasta. We will knead, roll and cut all kinds of pasta. And in the end… we will eat the product of our efforts!

Pasta Making is the perfect cooking team building format to present Italian culinary traditions to a group of foreign clients during an incentive trip. The charm and the taste of Italian cuisine will add up to the fun of cooking and working in a team. For a really outstanding corporate dinner!

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