Team Building Incentives in Switzerland


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Our strategic position and successful projects (over 10 years in the sector) allowed us to understand the characteristics of the Swiss market that besides its local aspects is highly international. On the one hand, Switzerland is full of natural resources including forests, mountains, and rivers that can be used to design Team Building Formats, on the other hand, the country is the heart of the international business Headquarters. While programming our events we take into consideration both aspects. So far we have had an opportunity to organize Team Building Formats and Training for a wide range of Swiss manufacturing companies, banks etc. i.e. in Lugano, Bellinzona, Canton Ticino, and Zurich.

Incentives that suits your needs

Based on our expertise we design events that fit our clients’ needs. We offer dozens of Team Building Incentives as:

  • Cooking Team Building formats (choco making, cake design, pasta & pizza cooking, sushi cooking, wine alchemist, cocktail challenge, wine harvest),
  • Action Team Building (soft air, team sailing, orienteering, survival),
  • Urban Game Activities (treasure hunt Rome, Milan, Florence, Naples, Venice, Barcelona, Istanbul, Dubai, Prague etc, also “iPad Treasure Hunt” ),
  • Creative Team Building (team painting, sculpture team building, carton boat, engineering team building, lego, crosswords etc).

Energy, Fun, Team Spirit!

We will provide you with the ideas that boost team spirit, motivateinspireentertainchallengeenergizecreate relations and will remain in one’s memory for a long time!

We have an international experience in managing any kind of group (from small groups to about 300 participants).

If you have any questions do not hesitate to CONTACT US.