Let’s face the challenge!

Action Team Building is a bunch of Team Building activities designed for those that want to live an authentic adventure. Participants find themselves in unusual circumstances dealing with a series of (sometimes) difficult situations. Some of them have to cooperate in order to find a presumed killer or construct a boat. Others, for instance, have to face orienteering or a fire making challenge.

What are the benefits?

First of all, the proposed formats are a great way to spend time together, create and strengthen rapport between colleagues. Participants always have a set of tasks, that cannot be resolved without cooperation, roles division, great organization, and leadership.

TeamWorking has about 10 years of experience in Action Team Building formats preparation in Italy and abroad. France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland are just some of the countries where we delivered our Team Building Programs. We work with small, middle-sized and large groups (from 4 to about 500 people).

Are you ready to face the challenge?

Our formats of Action Team Building

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