Team Building for Russia

We develop Team Building activities for Russian companies that want to live their Team Building & Incentive experience in Italy (with Urban Games in Rome, Venice, Milan, Florence, Naples, Lucca and more), Switzerland, Dubai & Abu Dhabi.


Team Building Russia: City Game Pasta Making team building  CSI Team Building  Movie Making Team Building

Team Building Russia: award your employees!

Urban Game in Italy and surroundings is a unique way to award the work and involvement of your employees. Share your company successes by offering a business and incentive trip that besides its recreational aspect will boost team spirit and develop morale of your team. Urban Game formats we prepare are indeed a source of knowledge but also pure fun. A bunch of questions and tasks to face, places to find, and puzzles to solve! Choose the city you want to visit with your team! Relax and the rest is in our hands! To make your experience more mobile we have prepared also iPad Urban Game!

  • Urban Game in Rome
  • Urban Game in Venice
  • Urban Game in Florence
  • Urban Game in Milan
  • Urban Game in Naples
  • Urban Game in Nice
  • Urban Game in Cannes
  • Urban Game in Monaco (Monte Carlo)

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Business Trip or Conference? Enrich it with our Team Cooking Classes!

pizza_cooking_team_building pasta cooking team building  wine_team_building

You plan to organize your business trip or conference in Italy? Enrich your evening with Cooking Team Building Classes that let you live in a 100% Italian atmosphere! Prepare hand made pasta, learn how to make a real Italian pizza or spend a couple of hours learning wine preparation techniques! Choose the activity that suits most your needs:

  • Pasta Team Cooking
  • Pizza Team Building
  • The Alchemist
  • Wine & Cheese Tasting
  • Wine & Chocolate Team Building

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Our Team Building advantages?

1. First of all, as a global company, we have developed a wide network of contacts that allow us to deliver the highest quality Team Building formats always suitable to clients’ needs. For about 10 years we have designed hundreds of activities for companies from all countries and all sizes, including local and international groups up to about 500 people.

2. What is more we are global.  We operate on the following markets Switzerland, Russia, Dubai, Spain, Portugal, Poland, and the Czech Republic.

3. We are a team of professionals who are passionate about what they do and we continuously develop. Almost every month there is a new Team Building format or a new Training that appears in our portfolio.

4. And last but not least, we speak Russian.