Planning, designing, engineering

The main objective of Creative Team Building is to boost creativity and develop logical thinking. Basing on this idea we prepared a list of Team Building formats that range from artistic creation to more ‘scientific’, engineering activities. There’s something for everyone!

Strategy building, planning, and designing based on close cooperation: these are basic teamwork skills. After a briefing and some problem-solving activities as a short warm-up… and our teams are ready to face the Engineering Challenge. With limited time and resources, participants have a goal to achieve or a problem to solve. Pasta Building, Leonardo Challenge, Paper Tower, Truck Driving, Lego Team Building, Crossword are just some of our Creative Team Building activities.

Discover your creative side!

Bringing to the surface the creative side of your colleagues can considerably improve the team’s efficiency. The “right side of the brain”, responsible for creativity, is too rarely used in everyday work. How many brilliant ideas go wasted because the person who formulates them is afraid of not being heard, and so doesn’t have the courage or doesn’t feel safe to express them…

Creativity is something we don’t usually use at work, and still, it is very useful. Every boss should know which of his employees has a talent for arts&crafts, and who deep inside is a true mad scientist. Creative Team Building helps to bring out these abilities and let the team know about them.

And, of course, getting to know each other better will make your team look more like a big family!

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Our Creative Team Building formats


Lego Building

Heroes Day

Heroes Day


Team Theatre
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