Virtual Teambuilding

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Is it possible to organise a teambuilding activity for the different national headquarters of a multinational… at the same time?

For Teamworking everything is possible! We have vast experience in similar activities; the latest one was a Crossword Teambuilding for the headquarters of Rome and Milan of a big company. Every group had to do the crossword, but in order to have the password that solved the problem everyone had to communicate and unite forces between Rome and Milan!

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More recently a resembling event emerged: a big multinational company organised a teambuilding for their employees in America and in Europe, where they had the chance to take advantage of the technology, taking pictures that represented their own office and their own country and then publish them on Twitter with a creative trend, that was later used by other users.



Internet, social networks, smartphones and iPads allow us to create a virtual reality in which employees from everywhere can feel like one team! Team Working offers infinite varieties of teambuilding (Urban movie, City Game and so much more…) that use technology and its effect of creating a “virtual reality”. So, let’s make an international experience, or even better: a planetary experience!


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